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What Happens To Our Recycling, Part One: The Recycling Myth

Excellent article. I take it the bins we put recyclables into at SH transfer stations are then just added to mixed stream?" Nov 29, 18 11:41 AM

What Happens To Our Recycling, Part Two: The Work Of Recycling

Here’s the deal. I paid S&P for several years for separate recycle pickups. Their drivers came only on the “trash” pickup day and put both clearly labeled containers of trash and recyclables in the trash truck (this was observed by guests who stayed one summer, I wasn’t home on week days). When I called to ask why they didn’t come on both days I was told not to worry, it would all get sorted. I was skeptical, cancelled the supposed separate recycle service, and started self-hauling to SH transfer station. This was a good 15 years ago..." Dec 8, 18 8:04 PM