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Trustees Want To Bring Former Westhampton Beach Village Clerk Out Of Retirement

The current Deputy Treasurer as well as the past village trustee were both reacting to the absolute collusion of the Three Village Trusstees who are working, or, acting in unison. The most important part of the proposed resolution is, that the "Trio" want to retain the services of Ms. Cathy McGinnis as an independent contractor. As a contractor, you are dictated by a contract, which stipulates the mandated, starting date, as well as the ending date. Contrary to the proposed resolution that stipulates that Ms. McGinnis be able to decide when she feels the candidate is ready to preform the duties of Village Clerk. In general, outside contractors are required to provide an estimate of time, and total cost for thier services. If in fact the questioning trustees feel that Ms. McGinnis is qualified to train the replacement, they should expect that to occur within a one week period, or the individual was not well enough qualified to assume this position. Also, Ms. McGinnis was paid at a rate of approximately $25.00 per/hr in her original position, and now the trustees of dissention want to pay her $60.00 per/hr. Do they "THINK" that by paying her more than double to train the new Village Clerk, as oppossed to the present Village Clerk, who has been brought into question by the "Trio" as being less than competent that was trained by Ms. McGinnis for more than six months after her retirement? Also, do the village residents need to be informed of the fact that not only, is Ms. McGinnis recieving a village pension, but now has convinced some of the board to help her to "DOUBLE DIP"? The true problem here seems to be the embaressment of the three board members who called for all of the inquiries at the expense of the Village Taxpayers, only to be found WRONG! " Apr 6, 13 11:12 PM

LIKE THIS IS EMBARASSING? Your post here shows that it is embarassing! As to Professionalisim, the "REDUX" of Cathy McGinnis is an absolute prelude to un-professionalissim. Shall we bring up the hiring practice that provided a position for her son?
" Apr 6, 13 11:17 PM

There is an absolute difference between a consultant, and an outside CONTRACTOR. The trustees proposed in the resolution the need for Ms McGinnis as an OUTSIDE CONTRACTOR. Check into bussiness law." Apr 7, 13 4:50 PM

"The source beyond that?" What does that mean? Do you care to elaborate in terms that intelligent people might rcognize?" Apr 7, 13 9:01 PM

UPDATE: Elizabeth Lindtvit To Replace Rebecca Molinaro

If in fact the deputy clerk does take the position of Village Clerk Treasurer, will she also be entitled to an additional $60.00 an hour to train her replacement? How does that work? Cathy McGinnis couldn't perform the job of the deputy clerk, even if she was dared to...... STOP THE NONSENSE!!!!!" Apr 26, 13 7:32 PM

Realistic, I too, as a tax payer, and non-village employee have just been able to clearly see the light. I have no hate of the "OLD" guard, I just don't appreciate the nonsense that seems to be being heeped upon our village witch is making us look the the fools of the Hamptons. And yes, I did mean WITCH! I out and out challenge you to attend the next board meeting and make yourself known... I will be there to respond to you if you have the GUTS!
" Apr 28, 13 5:06 PM

" Apr 28, 13 5:07 PM

85-year-old Man Dies After Fishing Boat Capsizes In Shinnecock Inlet

At last with your brother Norm..... Fishing the heavens for eternity! Catch well you leaders of fishermen, you will never be forgotten!" May 14, 13 7:32 PM

Westhampton Beach Officials Want To Demolish Former Guldi Family Home

I believe that Mr. Haefeli is just perorming his duties as the village attorney. As far as I know, he is instructed by the village board to perform certain duties... Maybe you should keep your upturned nose to the east in East Quogue, and leave the business at hand in the village of Westhampton Beach to the elected officials!!!
" Jun 1, 13 9:53 PM

Just a comment to "WHATAPITY" your picture icon says it all, your just an angry little, very little in fact, MAN? PS I got your mother!
" Jun 2, 13 3:52 PM

New Westhampton Beach Mayor Seeks Pay Increase

The new mayor deserves her chance at fulfilling her campaign promises. Lets all remember, that sometimes promises can't be kept. As far as her desire for the higher salary, I feel that in six months when the new budget is being prepared, she may be entitled to it. I wish her luck, and invite all of the negative commentors, and those who still want to dwell on Ex-Chief Dean, and Mayor Tellers to look to the future, and not to the past! Also, I challenge you to show up to the next village meetings with your screen names displayed. Work Schedule Meeting 7:00 pm 7/23/2014 and Regular meeting, 7:00 pm 8/7/2014.... If you don't show, you will be known as the coward with a big mouth! I will be there! I dare you to come! PS Realistic, I am saving your post so that if you have the desire to run for Mayor in 2016 I can remind you about the "no salary" comment. I look forward to meeting all of you!" Jul 9, 14 3:24 PM