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Southampton Town Voters Will Head To the Polls Next Week

Linda Kabot claims she is not a financial mis-manager because 11 audits and 26 citations by the NY State Comptroller involved the years just before she became Southampton Town Supervisor. The real truth is even if the Kabot years were included in the audits; the results would still be the same as NOTHING changed. No new procedures, controls, and accounting protocols were instituted. As proof, if Kabot made everything better as she claims why wouldn't the state comptroller just call off the audits? " Nov 2, 11 5:41 PM

The Leaf Pickup
Everyone wants their leaves picked up and no one wants to pay. The Highway Department has half the amount of employees as when the current Superintendant started his term and his budget has been cut just as dramatically. The current Republican board members as well as both candidates want even more spending cuts. Actions have consequences. If you are mad as hell and cannot take it anymore, vote for change and vote Democratic on November 8.
" Nov 2, 11 5:42 PM

Anna Throne-Holst Unopposed For Second Term As Southampton Town Supervisor

All of this sounds pretty petty to me. I care only about results and what is best for our town. All I know is under the administrations of Skip Heney and Linda Kabot the Town received a credit downgrade. Under Anna Throne-Holst we received an upgrade. " Nov 3, 11 5:28 PM

Politically Divided Southampton Town Board Names New Police Captain

Why hire a police chief if you are not going to follow him. Jim Mallone says only $14,000 they increased the budget. Unlike the $100,000 they gave to Russell Kratorville for a position that was eliminated. Guess that too is no big deal. Just no credibility. Elections cannot come fast enough. " Mar 13, 12 7:13 PM