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Southampton Town Board Adopts 2012 Budget With $63.8 Tax Levy

Well I think its the politicians fault. All of it. Instead of rewarding these huge settlements to unions in exchange for political security, maybe they should focus on legit fiscal responsibility. Which yes, includes tax increases consistent with the rate of inflation. It appears the police tax could have clearly been pierced if not for bipartisan politics, which started over the Republicans not getting their police chief. Roughly a 2% raise in the police tax in Southampton Town would result in covering these expense, which are high to start with, again due to the near sightedness of the politicians, but most if not all households would not notice the difference. Poor showing town board, poor showing. It's started with Cannuscio, went right through Heaney, Kabot, and Throne-Holst" Nov 19, 11 4:18 AM

Addendum. I am waiting for these politicians to injure them selves, patting themselves on the back. "I am glad we made such flexible adjustments to discuss this matter, to create a solution, that solution being more dialogue, to discuss this matter, I am very pleased to have done that" I direct this at Malone directly, and respectfully request he gets a clue, but it seems like he needs a public speaking coach first. Zero confidence in the whole board to act the proper way. Would feel the same way if Kabot got in, Hughes, or whoever. We need better people to answer the call and step up! We need to kick these hacks to the curb, in some cases they are using us as a stepping stone for jobs west. " Nov 19, 11 4:32 AM

Nineteen of them took buy outs. Which is funny. as the members of the SOA, some of them with 30 years of police service opted not to take that 1,000k/year buyout. Not sure how they can legally tell some cop with 26 years he has to go, but let a lieutenant, with 30 years he can stay ( the cost parity has to be in favor of forcing the lieutenant to retire). Quite frankly, I support keeping the police intact, as they are much cheaper then the County Police. But if you are gonna retire them. I would say you go most expensive down if you are using that Civil Service lawn. Otherwise there is a lot of room for nepotism. " Nov 20, 11 4:54 PM

Its a play on the television show L.O.S.T. which is what we are in Southampton. Fact is this. raise the police tax annually as needed, don't give them more money and fail to adjust. Its poor fiscal management at the board level first. " Nov 20, 11 4:57 PM

You carry on, like its the cops fault. Its management and the politicians fault. Which ironically is relatively unaffected. Gee four tops guys get a reward to retire a few months early. Then u force out the top patrol guys, even though they have no baring in how the place is run. Whether its the police department, of its like private practice. fiscal responsibility falls on those in charge. They have failed her no the workers. " Nov 21, 11 2:06 PM

Southampton Town Board Approves More Police Overtime

You can't argue that the Southampton Town Police is still a much cheaper option for the residents. Because the politicians fail to properly adjust tax rates, to meet the needs of the contracts they agree to. How is this the officer's fault.

Also, the Superior Officers supported William Hughes (Malone and Nuzzi's fellow republican), Anthony Tenaglia, the SOA's union leader, was Malone, Nuzzi, and Graboski preference for chief. I think it is transparent. the Republican heavy town board is upset they didn't get there way. Now that they are getting hammered with overtime mainly due to staffing issues (ironically enough created under their regime that the Republicans pushed for, Tenaglia). Again. Its not the cops fault, its not the William Wilson's fault. Its lays squarely on the politicians.

" Dec 1, 11 12:41 AM

Also did any of the politicians take a pay cut? " Dec 1, 11 12:41 AM

We gave these cops a contract. They are entitle to x amount of dollars. If you give them a big contract, you need to plan for that contract. You can sign a big contract and not raise your police tax. It is short sightedness. It is not exclusive to the police portion of the budget, but it is most apparent.
" Dec 2, 11 7:33 PM

Yeah, but where is the equality in hiring, it would be like hiring a Gestapo Police Force. Man. You are definitely either a cop that got fired, or a cop that retired. I am done with you. You probably own a security company with those ideal. " Dec 4, 11 10:12 PM

High Hat Size? What do you do other then bash the Southampton Town Police Department? I read through your posts, like 80% of them are anti Southampton Town Police? Get a grip guy. Hope you don't get robbed, mugged, or become the victim of a larceny. " Dec 4, 11 10:16 PM

Wow.. Parade nakedly down the street. My point from the beginning has been this. The politicians. Whether it was Skip Heaney, or Anna, or Linda, or Vince, or whoever. Have constantly pandered to the police department. They by enlarge do, what I feel is a better then average job. The town should have planned better for these raises they gave out, by responsibly raising taxes. For the price of an egg sandwich, per household over the year. Several lay-offs, not just police lay-offs, but other civil service and public jobs could have been kept. " Dec 15, 11 1:02 AM

Southampton Town Leaf Pickup Program Still Confuses Many

Gregor seems a bit cooky. But honestly I took my stuff the dump. I did my one neighbors too. I am not sure if I should be mad at Gregor for picking up my other neighbors stuff, I really should be mad at them for being so f'n lazy they left it out in front of their house for three weeks. They got teenage kids too. WTF? " Dec 15, 11 1:12 AM