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Arthur Miller And Marilyn Monroe In Gansett

As a teen in the 80s, a classmate told me about her dad who was a SH village officer, who came across Marilyn Monroe sitting on the curb outside the Saks which was then on Main Street. Late 50s, early 60s? They wouldn't let her try on dresses and stuff because she wasn't wearing underwear, she told him. According to gossipy lore passed down, maybe not true! But interesting. " Jun 5, 16 11:41 AM

Southampton School District Provides Information Sought In Lawsuit

Who is funding Reclaim New York? What is their goal?" Aug 14, 16 2:18 AM

For $14 Million, Bragging Rights To 'Chester Arthur Slept Here'

What an insane price. " Nov 18, 16 11:05 PM

La Dune Could Be Second Biggest Hamptons Real Estate Transaction In History

"..and the best landscaping this side of Covent Gardens."

Uh, Covent Garden is an urban plaza in London with an opera house. There's no landscaping besides a decorative shrub or two. " May 7, 17 2:54 AM

UPDATE: Southampton School Officials Change Prom Policy Following Requests From Community

Wait, the Southampton School district is paying a PR company based in Bohemia? To explain this mess? Since when to public schools hire private public relations companies to explain themselves, with taxpayer money? This is extremely peculiar.

Let the young man attend the prom with his girlfriend, it's ridiculous that such a fuss has been made and that SHS is hiring an outside PR company. Boggling. I hope the young people have fun with their prom. Grown-ups can be ridiculous. " Jun 7, 17 10:12 AM

National Archives Releases Historic Short Film Celebrating Sag Harbor, Never Seen By The Boy, Now 73, In It

Very cool, love this. An SHS graduate as well, good stuff. " Jan 3, 18 2:05 AM