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More details unveiled in $50 million mortgage fraud scheme

They haven't named the title agency yet, why not? If this agency is licensed by the underwriter wouldn;t the underwiter be on the hook. Also seems like there would have to be more players involved.......................... " Apr 3, 09 7:38 AM

Southampton Town joins Riverhead in lawsuit over sex offender trailers

“The town has been asked by Riverhead to join in sending a message to the county that we won’t accept broken promises,” Ms. Kabot said......

Why did Riverhead have to ask? Does The Southampton Town board not care what happens in the western part of town. This action should have been filed jointly............

It is a shame that the parents had to kick and scream this much to get our elected officials to take action on this matter" Apr 6, 09 6:45 PM

Bentley sinks in Lake Montauk

Hmmm washing his car at public dock. Why??? Montauk has a car wash" Aug 15, 09 7:38 AM

Raucous Meeting Focuses On Fights At Southampton High School

I agree that cellpones are part of the blame. Cell phone policies are a joke at schools, even teachers don't abide by the rules. So maybe school administrators should look at the technology that blocks out cell phone signals on school grounds. Then all would abide................." Oct 27, 10 7:53 AM

Trustees Clear One Legal Obstacle, Run Into Another

As a real estate and examiner, with over 25years experience, it is my understanding that the laws of accreation have to do with the build up of land over a long period of time. This is not the case as this starting big deposit came from the storm when the barrier island breached. The breach caused this addition to the upwards land.
On another note I believe the ocean beach side of the Village of Westahampton south of the dunes.my not belong to the village either. As the village's original incorporating took place before the sand was deposited south of the dunes.
Question here is does that not become public land also? One more question. Where are the public supposed to park along Dune Road in the Village of Westhampton Dunes. The settlement with the state and County called for public access (walkways) to the beaches from the road. They built the walkways, but no parking area.
It was the taxpayers monies that replenished the beaches under the court settlement......... " Dec 9, 10 1:38 PM

Appellate Court: Trustees Have No Authority Over Oceanfront

In regards to Westhampton Dunes, It was my understanding that the village drew its boundary lines before replenishing of the beaches. If that is the case then the upland property owners do not hold title to beaches in laying southward of the dunes.That then is public land.......I know that there was a period where that land was shown on tax map as public (county) land" May 4, 15 3:04 PM

UPDATE: Town Officials Respond To Shinnecock Plan For Billboards On Sunrise Highway In Hampton Bays

No their land actually does run south of Sunrise Hwy." Apr 29, 19 3:50 PM