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Judge issues injunction, blocks fishing license enforcement

You can go on our beaches, you can fish as well. What you can't do is take shellfish from the lands underwater without a permit with you need to be a resident to obtain. I'm saying we have the right to "exclude" non-residents from our waters or beaches, just that we have that right to regulate what they take from them. fin fish are fair game so long as your net doesn't touch the bottom. The Greenwich, CT case has no bearing here as we are not trying to exclude you from our beaches, you are welcome at them just watch where you park so you don't get a ticket!
" Oct 8, 09 2:39 PM

You are right about what we are doing gives more rights to an illegal alien than to you, I don't like that one bit, if I had my way they would be all deported and told if they were found here again they will euthanized. This wont happen of coarse which is unfortunate & why they will always come back because there is no consequence for their actions. Even so we still need only to let residents hold the shellfishing permits. As for your close proximity to the town line, the line is the line & it has to be held. You are more than welcome to move to Southampton Town or rent the other half of that illegal alien's room in Eastport." Oct 8, 09 2:50 PM

Shinnecock Inlet is not within the Dogan Patent's boundaries as in did not exist when the patent was written. The residency requirement for Southampton Town should include the stipulation that the person is has a legal immigration status, but since the politicians are to weak to stand for what's right this won't happen. " Oct 10, 09 1:21 AM

I think you're misunderstanding the whole idea of this action, which is to ensure residents are not required to obtain the SFL to fish in town waters. It doesn't seek to exclude anyone from our town waters. " Oct 10, 09 1:25 AM

I agree with your "Fox in charge of the Hen House" position on the Tustee's bay constables that gain financially from what they govern & supposedly protect. There is a conflict of interest which isn't being addressed.

The Inlet is not covered under the Dongan Patent, because the barrier beaches were not included in the Patent. The Patent only covered the lands under water at the time the patent was granted, since the Inlet was created 350 years later it is not covered. It is a big misconception that the Trustees "own" the beaches." Oct 10, 09 12:28 PM

"The fact is that all Township jurisdictions in New York State were established by these documents". This is very wrong as there are plenty of Townships created after we became America & none of those would've been created by Colonial Patents since we were no longer a colony.

The trampling of your Constitutional rights is in your head this is not the intention of the action. Your twisting of the aim of this action reduces your credibility. " Oct 10, 09 12:38 PM

The action wouldn't affect anyone except Southampton Town residents, who would not be required to obtain the SWFL to continue fishing in Town waters. It wouldn't ban non-residents from fishing in Town waters! Why would they do that it would hurt local businesses & charter boats. Once again you are welcome to the fish in Southampton Town waters, it is the shellfish that are reserved for residents only because of Permit requirements. Not that there are any but scallops I would say maybe exempt from the residency requirement as they are free swimming, not burrowed in the bay bottom." Oct 10, 09 4:27 PM

Proposed change to Southampton Village code would allow archers to shoot deer on their property

That there has never been anyone shot by a hunter with bow & arrow on Long Island must not matter! Keep in mind that these hunters are expert marksmen & rarely miss. I don't hunt personally unless deer happen to get in my way in the road. If you should be in the unfortunate situation of an unavoidable collision with a deer (by unavoidable I mean if you can't break in time to miss it, as swerving is usually more dangerous than hitting them head on!) remember to hit the gas right before impact, this will raise the front of your vehicle up & reduce the chance of the mangy bastard coming through your windshield. I have hit two in this manner & it works well.

As for hunting them in the Village, Good! I hope they clear the bastards out. When I see them in my yard I throw rocks at them. Oh yeah, Down with PeTA!
" Oct 12, 09 1:10 PM

Let the neighbors worry for their selves. Did you read the article? All neighbors within a 500 ft radius of the hunters home must approve so your concern is misplaced & irrelevant. If you live in the Village don't approve your neighbors for hunting. For you to expect to ban it Village wide when there is a reasonable method in place for ensuring those affected can make the decision is selfish." Oct 12, 09 1:18 PM

Big Head PETA ARE TERRORISTS!!!!! Oh wait do you have the only 1st Amendment rights? Sorry to infringe!" Oct 12, 09 1:22 PM

Good stuff Frank, facts always beat out fools!" Oct 12, 09 1:24 PM

Dune Road neighbor arrested for trespassing; claims he was protecting feral cats

Wrong if the cats are fed they have no reason to catch the birds! " Oct 12, 09 1:32 PM

Steve the cat killing coward is a sad excuse for a human being!
" Oct 12, 09 1:40 PM

Judge issues injunction, blocks fishing license enforcement

You have convinced me, you are not allowed to fish in Southampton! Go see that illegal alien about that half of a room in Eastport so you can come fish here! Then you will win without relying on scummy lawyers!!!
" Oct 12, 09 3:41 PM

Proposed change to Southampton Village code would allow archers to shoot deer on their property

So by your broad interpretation of blood sport tatooing, body piecrcing & the slaughter of any of the processed animals you eat would all fall under blood sport!
Or am I off on this because you are a vegan? " Oct 12, 09 10:13 PM

Kabot's proposed $78 million budget will eliminate 48 town jobs next year

Nuzzi is a joke! I wish him outta here this year!!
" Oct 12, 09 10:19 PM

East Hampton hunter charged for baiting deer

Just like skeet but you don't have to yell pull!" Oct 12, 09 10:25 PM

Jury being seated, Oddone trial to commence

"ID checker"??? Bouncer would be the appropriate term. " Oct 15, 09 7:08 AM

Proposed change to Southampton Village code would allow archers to shoot deer on their property

I guess we could put an apple on your head & if they miss they are not experts & shouldn't be allowed to hunt in the village. You don't know squat about hunting as no hunter is going to shoot a moving deer, they wait for them to stop to eat & than shoot them while they take their last bite of grass. As for statistics you are more than welcome to look them up yourself if you question my "assertions".
Don't assume as it makes an ass out of u & me!
I don't understand how referring to deer as bastards or them indicates I believe they are capable of reasoning. This is one of the definitions for bastard:• a difficult or awkward thing, undertaking, or situation : it's been an absolute bastard of a week. A deer colliding with one's car can easily be a bastard as could a deer in one's garden!" Oct 15, 09 7:35 AM

Yeah dogs are next, they are already trapping & killing cats in Westhampton!
" Oct 15, 09 7:39 AM

Jury being seated, Oddone trial to commence

If he wasn't a bouncer he most certainly acted as one thus becoming one. The article from today says he was working as security & security persons in a bar/nightclub are commonly called bouncers. I have no bug up my butt, just looking for consistency & accuracy in the reporting. Why are you up my butt? looking for a bug?" Oct 15, 09 2:52 PM

Proposed change to Southampton Village code would allow archers to shoot deer on their property

There is more than one definition for bastard, if you don't believe look it up any online dictionary will set you straight. Read, grow, learn:)

" Oct 15, 09 3:11 PM

You can just don't let anyone see you do it!
" Oct 15, 09 3:13 PM

Jury being seated, Oddone trial to commence

I meant it purely in jest... I hope you weren't offended.
" Oct 15, 09 6:14 PM

Southampton Town had difficulty with head count of workers

Are they looking for the number of full time employees that receive a check or the number that actually put in the full weeks work they are paid for? The second number may be tricky to ascertain." Oct 15, 09 6:22 PM

Charges dropped against man who sprung traps on neighbor's property

Halle D. Martin - If Mr. Young were to pay for the traps he allegedly damaged this would not be called a fine, it would be called restitution.

The cat killing Jacobis should stay in the city, where they don't have to worry about animals bothering them." Oct 16, 09 12:12 PM

Proposed change to Southampton Village code would allow archers to shoot deer on their property

A bow in their rear quarters? How do you propose this would occur?
Maybe no one should drive on CR 39 because they might get into an accident." Oct 16, 09 12:19 PM

Oddone trial will start Monday

Manslaughter 2. Timed served. Anyone need a caddy?" Oct 18, 09 7:58 AM

Proposed change to Southampton Village code would allow archers to shoot deer on their property

Your right it wouldn't be covered because the hunting permit would include a wavier to eliminate the need for the village to carry liability insurance. Therefore keeping the culling cost down! Deer on!!!
" Oct 18, 09 8:02 AM

Southampton Village Police cuff man, find no weapon

How about this "what if" he had a gun & it was legal? What if he had a pistol permit? We must be talking about a pistol as rifles require no license to own or transport. That they entered the house apparently without a warrant is criminal on their part. Remember folks guns don't kill people, people kill people! Try not to forget the Second Amendment you may need it one day!" Oct 18, 09 8:23 AM

Quogue Village mayor pleads guilty to securities fraud

I love when the Fed"s get in the small ponds & knock the "big Fish down to size!
Guess he won't be voting this November with his new Felon status!!! HAH!!!
" Oct 18, 09 8:29 AM

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