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Southampton Village Police cuff man, find no weapon

How about this "what if" he had a gun & it was legal? What if he had a pistol permit? We must be talking about a pistol as rifles require no license to own or transport. That they entered the house apparently without a warrant is criminal on their part. Remember folks guns don't kill people, people kill people! Try not to forget the Second Amendment you may need it one day!" Oct 18, 09 8:23 AM

Quogue Village mayor pleads guilty to securities fraud

I love when the Fed"s get in the small ponds & knock the "big Fish down to size!
Guess he won't be voting this November with his new Felon status!!! HAH!!!
" Oct 18, 09 8:29 AM

Andy Hammer: A new challenger

Why is the Justice Court not where you want to be in 16 years? Are you to good for it? What does your personal agenda have to do with serving the Township? Do you see this position solely as a stepping stone to a more "honorable judgeship"? " Oct 18, 09 8:39 AM

Shellfish woes continue for DEC

"Department of Environmental Control" " Oct 18, 09 8:45 AM

Catherine Cahill: Experience on the bench

Mr. Hammer your reading comprehension leaves a little to be desired, Justice Cahill referred to the Zoning Calender as a "synthesis of precision not the Justice Court as a whole as your statement claims. Read twice speak once! You need to be very exacting when you're looking to hold such as position. " Oct 18, 09 2:48 PM

Sag Harbor teachers plan to march through village

Teachers who work summers get paid to, so out with that as part of how they work so hard! Countless after hours & lunches are by YOUR choice so don't try to use that to make your case, if you don't get paid enough to do those things don't do them!
"No wonder China and Japan are on their way to become a stronger super power, its because in those countries they respect their teaches" I hope you don't teach History or English as your expertise in both seem lacking. " Oct 18, 09 3:05 PM

Greedy, Greedy, Greedy!!! You should ease off on "the working class" without their children you wouldn't have a job. Not that you deserve one, after seeing your writing ability!
" Oct 18, 09 4:07 PM

Ten months out of the year makes it sound as if they work those whole ten months. In actuality they only work 185 days which is just over half the year. Then factor in all their free or prep periods and you'll find they teach just over half of the time in those days. They have time for grading papers and such during the school day. Yes, they do get paid for lunch duty! A friend of mine gets $90 an hour for tutoring outside of school." Oct 18, 09 4:18 PM

Oddone trial begins; opening statements heard Monday

Michael Wright are you really back to ID checker again? This is a misrepresentation of his position there! " Oct 20, 09 12:21 PM

Do you support our troops overseas? They take lives everyday. " Oct 20, 09 12:26 PM

I will help you with your analogy as the one you used doesn't quite fit. to say corrections officers are not the nicest people would be more like saying cops are not the nicest people or even lawyers. Both of these analogies compare professions as opposed to comparing a profession and a race as your original analogy did. I agree with your underlying idea that it is biased to say that." Oct 20, 09 12:34 PM

I still don't understand why it is okay to tell a male he can't dance on a table when females are allowed. And furthermore to use physical force to stop him from doing so. In a manner which could cause injury. Remember people he was dancing on a table!! Not fighting or causing some other disturbance. He was having a good time & was assaulted while doing so!" Oct 20, 09 12:40 PM

Andy Hammer: A new challenger

Thank You for your answers, which seem to be sincere & coming from a lawyer that is refreshing. I wish you luck in your bid for the bench." Oct 20, 09 7:47 PM

Oddone trial begins; opening statements heard Monday

Yeah, My first two concerns when it comes to my freedom of speech is al Qaeda & the Taliban! LOL!!! Try they are procuring new plutocracies for our multinational corporations to exploit. " Oct 20, 09 10:15 PM

How about Langer?" Oct 20, 09 10:16 PM

Perhaps not!!! Just the defendant in this case was asked to get down, clearly sexual discrimination! Nice try but the facts don't support it! Anyway if the women had been asked & did get down do you think he would want to stay up there & dance by himself? He got up there to dance with the women." Oct 20, 09 10:20 PM

Montauk residents fight for beach access

If they do a change of zoning, it would be spot zoning & they will be sued. I don't know where you get your information Walt but the beaches do not be long to the tax payers in all instances. In Lake Montauk all the properties around the lake own land underwater as well as the "beach if any between their yard & the water. This is because these lands were in private ownership prior to fisher opening Lake Montauk to the Atlantic, which flooded much of the property around the lake.
This is why I, history and property law says the beach doesn't always belong to taxpayers. It sounds nice, but is factually wrong." Oct 21, 09 12:27 PM

Did you read the article there are three other places the public has to access Lake Montauk & the Town is trying block off one of them on East Lake Drive. I doubt eminent domain will work when the Town is taking action such as that. There are plenty of recreational areas in Montauk, that don't necessitate trespassing on private property. Be careful what you wish for as far as eminent domain goes, your land could be next!" Oct 21, 09 7:05 PM

Witness recounts fatal struggle in Southampton bar

Duh... The one in the foreground. " Oct 21, 09 11:56 PM

East Hampton Village Beach serves as focus of new conclusions on rip currents

Good idea for beach stabilization Noah. Artificial reefs would also provide habitat for all kinds of sea life.
Rip Currents aren't dangerous to people who can swim & have some ocean awareness. When surfing I look for them as they make the paddle out easier. Bottom line is when the ocean is too rough stay out unless you know what you are doing!" Oct 22, 09 12:06 AM

Southampton Town personnel grew while revenues were abundant

Time for cameras on the signs so the cowardly vandals can be caught. As for Chris he is a ball dropper so don't hold your breath expecting Chris Buckner to make the play!" Oct 22, 09 11:32 AM

Witness recounts fatal struggle in Southampton bar

" Oct 22, 09 3:28 PM

Intent is the most difficult thing to prove!
" Oct 22, 09 3:31 PM

Witness recounts fatal struggle in Southampton bar

If what you quoted is true then (Andy) assaulted (Oddone) & made a huge mistake by turning his back on someone he just physically attacked! That's if that account is correct, but it seems that (Andy) is the one who escalated the situation to a physical level. If (Oddone) was cursing & had an attitude that still doesn't justify using physical force, once you do that you open a can of worms. There are a lot of combat vets coming home now all bouncers would do well to watch how they handle situations so they don't start a fight with someone who they know little about." Oct 22, 09 7:13 PM

Montauk residents fight for beach access

I stand corrected, I should have used most or all most all. I do believe yours is the exception to the statement I made. I am surprised to hear you don't own the land under water abutting your lakefront parcel. Does one of your neighbors own it? I do recall Stewie Heath having some trouble over harvesting clams on property owned by some Lake Montauk Residents. " Oct 22, 09 7:24 PM

Witness recounts fatal struggle in Southampton bar

He has already done over a year in Rikers Island & seems to be okay so far. Why would would cons care if someone is a cop killer? I think it's the CO's who would be a danger to a cop/CO killer. which is why he is in Rikers in ther first place!
" Oct 22, 09 9:02 PM

Chokehold = Gun; Hardly!! push/shove is still assault just like a chokehold unless of coarse someone dies then the assault becomes a higher charge but Murder Two doubtful. " Oct 22, 09 9:09 PM

180 - 250-280 The facts don't support your delusions
." Oct 22, 09 9:10 PM

I hear that the new trend caddies using steroids so the can carry two golf bags, the national caddie association is going to start testing them this spring. " Oct 22, 09 9:12 PM

Anyone can see "Big Tony" w.ore his clothes loosely fitting & Andy wore tighter fitting clothes so your point is moot " Oct 22, 09 9:15 PM

Dredging project to begin at Shinnecock Inlet next month

The dredging project will also increase the flushing of water between the Shinnecock Bay and Atlantic Ocean and lead to healthier waters, Southampton Town Supervisor Linda Kabot said in an e-mail.
The last thing Shinnecock Bay needs is an increases in the flushing action! As it is now the exchange of water with the Atlantic Ocean is more than enough. Why she has to weigh in on the project with inaccurate information I can't imagine. If she wanted cleaner waters she would have repealed some of the land raping legislation that former boss Cannuscio pushed through for his developer friends. " Oct 23, 09 8:15 PM

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