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Witness recounts fatal struggle in Southampton bar

I hear that the new trend caddies using steroids so the can carry two golf bags, the national caddie association is going to start testing them this spring. " Oct 22, 09 9:12 PM

Anyone can see "Big Tony" w.ore his clothes loosely fitting & Andy wore tighter fitting clothes so your point is moot " Oct 22, 09 9:15 PM

Dredging project to begin at Shinnecock Inlet next month

The dredging project will also increase the flushing of water between the Shinnecock Bay and Atlantic Ocean and lead to healthier waters, Southampton Town Supervisor Linda Kabot said in an e-mail.
The last thing Shinnecock Bay needs is an increases in the flushing action! As it is now the exchange of water with the Atlantic Ocean is more than enough. Why she has to weigh in on the project with inaccurate information I can't imagine. If she wanted cleaner waters she would have repealed some of the land raping legislation that former boss Cannuscio pushed through for his developer friends. " Oct 23, 09 8:15 PM

Audit finds numerous errors in Southampton Town's accounting practices

Please lets lose Kabot & Nuzzi, the are both no good for Southampton. Nuzzi has done a lackluster job at best. Kabot has royally screwed things up in her 13 years within the inner circle. She accepts no responsibility for her part in this mess. Anyone notice how she seems to know all the proper procedures when in the Town Board Meetings yet never noticed anything was wrong the capital budget? Lets get ATH, Pope & Flemming in, Then if Malone can commit to Full Time at Town Hall he could round out the Board by fill AYH vacant seat.

" Oct 24, 09 1:31 AM

Witness recounts fatal struggle in Southampton bar

Maybe the genius who was punching him in the back of the head should've been pulling him off by grabbing a wrist & breaking his grip instead of punching him which probably caused him to squeeze harder! The wanna heros made the situation worse." Oct 24, 09 4:59 PM

Where is the proof of steroid use? There is none so your allegations are baseless!" Oct 24, 09 5:02 PM

Nope I didn't forget that but how does this "prove" he was using steroids? Steroids give you a fake bloated look & acne. To suggest he was on steroids is ridiculous. " Oct 24, 09 5:08 PM

Southampton graduate Lester Ware hired as new wrestling coach

Awesome someone with a lot of pins instead of someone with a lot of needles!" Oct 24, 09 5:19 PM

Oddone trial pits two veteran litigators against each other

Mr. Wright your Headline is wrong! It should be "Oddone trail pits two veteran litigators against each other". Litigator is one who litigates, litigants are whom they litigate for or against. Get him Bo!" Oct 24, 09 5:25 PM

Witness recounts fatal struggle in Southampton bar

Facts??? He grabbed Andy in the chokehold after being assaulted, a shove is assault in the third degree. Get your "facts" straight." Oct 24, 09 11:50 PM

You are the citing erroneous facts as if they are they way it happened. Andy shoved Tony and this is not disputed by even the DA yet you two fools do dispute this. It sounds as if you need to "get over it " since your assertions are inaccurate." Oct 25, 09 12:42 PM

Speaking of up the island, low intelligence, dirtballs have you seen some of the people walking around Hampton Bays these days? Best not to throw stones from glass houses! It figures some one from Sag Harbor would have the my *%#t doesn't stink attitude that you put forth. " Oct 25, 09 12:53 PM

Are you now the spokesperson for the whole east end & how they judge friendship? If so I must have missed the memo! " Oct 25, 09 12:59 PM

You may be right Tony may be a punk but even so it doesn't give him less rights then the next guy. He shouldn't have been shoved/pushed off the table. That isn't even proper procedure for dealing with an unruly or wiseass bar patron. Two bouncers should have approached him asked him to get down, if he didn't comply then they should've both escorted him to the door and told him to leave. Pushing him was a show of anger & lack of control on the part of Andy which resulted in an escalation of the situation. " Oct 25, 09 1:06 PM

Hampton Bays residents push for longer moratorium

I see your reading leaves a little to be desired, he said “Our project has been stalled for over 19 months, most recently by a building moratorium that was more about halting projects than devising solutions”. More thoroughly & you won't make foolish comments! The second part of your comment is spot on, they could be nearing completion if they weren't looking for more!" Oct 25, 09 1:20 PM

Oddone trial pits two veteran litigators against each other

Chose to be wrong someone has to be!" Oct 26, 09 8:13 PM

Southampton Town may see an end to 'anoint and appoint' policy

Vote yes for county funded special elections. Last time there was a vacancy on the Board way to much time was wasted bickering over what to do about filling it. While this took place little else was accomplished. Then we finally got Dan Russo in for a short while, nearly half of which he was a lame duck. Lets help them stay on task by taking this decision out of there hands." Oct 26, 09 8:22 PM

Commanding officer of Coast Guard Station Montauk relieved of command

The wave heights mat have exceeded the limit but that these waves were from long period groundswell with calm winds should have been considered. The desk jockey who made this call is what's wrong with the Military." Oct 27, 09 10:41 AM

Oddone trial pits two veteran litigators against each other

Do you take pride in the miss use of English? If not fix it.

" Oct 27, 09 10:46 AM

Montauk residents fight for beach access

WRONG, WRONG, WRONG This property includes land underwater, it is taxed on this land as well. If it is taxed how can you possibly try to say it is not fully owed? This is not subject to jus publicum as this was never the Kings foreshore. This body of water was increased in size when in 1930 Carl Fisher open the FRESHWATER lake to the tidal Atlantic Ocean. This raised the water level flooding lands already in private ownership. This flooding did not then as it does not now constitute an change of title from private to public ownership. Go look at the tax maps in Easthampton Town Hall if you have any doubts.
The ocean beaches are subject to a different chain of title and for the most part are public lands. As for Bays that were previously lakes there is a whole different chain of titles which you I can see know little about!" Oct 28, 09 9:11 PM

I agree with you here!!! " Oct 28, 09 9:13 PM

I will laugh when you get cited for tresspass!LOL!
" Oct 28, 09 9:16 PM

Exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Oct 28, 09 9:18 PM

Southampton Town candidates debate town finances, services

NO Nuzzi, he is useless!!

" Oct 28, 09 9:29 PM

Linda is the current Supervisor & ATH did say previous Supervisors. This was a debate & they tend to be forums in which opponents blame easch other or seek to demonstrate their differences. " Oct 28, 09 9:33 PM

Catherine Cahill: Experience on the bench

If you got a traffic ticket & you choose to fight it, you should expect to wait in the courtroom, it is part of the process that you subject yourself to when go to court. If you don't like it pat the ticket by mail or if you choose to go don't whine!" Oct 28, 09 9:37 PM

More witnesses recall fatal assault at murder trial

Michael, What was your take on what I said about your use of the word litigants to describe the to attorneys in this case in the headline "Oddone trial pits two veteran litigants against each other"? I believe attorneys are called litigators, but even then usually only in a civil suit. A litigant is a party who is involved in a lawsuit as a plaintiff or a defendant. This being a criminal case I think you made a mistake." Nov 1, 09 3:55 PM

Southampton Town may see an end to 'anoint and appoint' policy

Throwing them in the woods would be littering fool! " Nov 1, 09 3:57 PM

Southampton Town Trustee incumbent Eric Shultz (R)

Time for this Trustee to be removed he has displayed conduct unbecoming an elected official. He has demonstrated bias towards women, that in this day & age is unacceptable even for someone in an all boys club such as the Trustees. He has forgotten that he is a Trustee for the people not himself, his position is not meant to serve his ego it is to serve the people of the Town of Southampton. This isn't a party affiliation issue, it's a competency decency issue. I urge any women out there thinking of voting for him to rethink that decision, as he does not respect you therefore can not represent you properly.
1. How do you go from stormwater runoff to bulkheads & wether or not fertilized vegetation is planted the is not the problem. Start getting storm drains on the Trustee roads throughout the Town for starters. "I don't know if we can start taking them to court" that seems to be his solution to everything sue,sue,sue & why not it doesn't cost him it is all of us who pick up the tab for his litigation fetish!
2. Hope some native grasses were planted to aide in filtering the stormwater from the parking area at the Trustee marina. If not why?
3. How about being pro-active about the water quality, not reacting to massive fish kills, because you haven't properly addressed the stormwater issues in the Town. Mill Pond receives a massive dose of pollutants & fertilizers from the lack of drainage on Deerfield road, anyone traveling the road during a good heavy rain can see the water pouring off the farmland on to the road then running downhill to Mill pond, you don't need a doctorate to figure this out! With the increased traffic in that area, as well as the addition of the stop signs there are more petrochemicals, brake dust ect... making it to the road to be washed down to Mill pond. Studying it is great for generating grant money but how about fixing the drainage issue!" Nov 1, 09 4:38 PM

Southampton Town Trustee incumbent Ed Warner Jr. (R)

Trustee Warner is, has & will continue to do an excellent job as a Trustee. He understands the problems & looks to solve them with practicality & common sense which can't be taught! " Nov 1, 09 4:48 PM

Southampton Town Trustee candidate Chris Garvey (D)

Editor..... Fix your headline..... he is a candidate not an incumbent." Nov 1, 09 4:53 PM

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