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Oddone trial to start next Thursday

The dispute will be over his intent which very difficult to prove. " Sep 26, 09 5:02 AM

Governor supports Shinnecock Indian Nation in federal appeal

Build it at Westwoods!!!
I hate gambling too, but whats right is right!!!
" Sep 26, 09 5:39 AM

Town says Riverside home was overcrowded and infested

You are so wrong let me take you back to '94 when I was landscaping with a friend who told me this when I asked for $10 an hour instead of $8 "why should I give you $10 when I can get a wetback for $7 and I don't have to stop for lunch"
I was willing to do the job, so were other people I knew all who were born here to legal citizens!!! So take your weak talking points somewhere else!!!
" Sep 26, 09 5:48 AM

We are and it seems those of us who were born here legally to LEGAL citizens tend to insure our vehicles, as well as register them and obtain driver's licenses so if we hit some one they are not S.O.L.! " Sep 26, 09 5:53 AM

Homeowners association disgruntled over charity foot race

Do you think you are special or better the her because you are from Sag Harbor if you do I feel sorry for you. It's not where you are from it's where you are at and you are mentally in a sad spot." Sep 26, 09 6:14 AM

Touching but please don't try the LIE, I don't think you will fair to well!!! " Sep 26, 09 6:17 AM

East End transportation study will cost millions less than originally expected

What part of -Mr. Thiele stressed that local towns and villages would not subsidize the project - do you not understand? When is the last time you rode a public transit bus? Buses don't run on gas they run on diesel fuel fool! Thea last thing we need is more cabs out here driving like Mr. Magoo!!!
" Sep 27, 09 10:36 PM

Missing kiteboarder found; man had gone home after losing gear

INCONSIDERATE!!!!!! When skiing if you go out of bounds & cause the need for a rescue you are charged for the cost of the rescue!!! I say Bill him!!!!
" Sep 28, 09 1:35 PM

Oddone trial to start next Thursday

The rules at the bar are what lead to this tragedy, so why shouldn't they be looked into? Had the rules been different this may not have happened at all!

" Sep 28, 09 1:41 PM

Off Topic!" Sep 28, 09 1:43 PM

Attorney: Linda Kabot will be vindicated

She & her lawyer speak with forked tongues." Sep 28, 09 1:46 PM

SUV flips in Montauk crash Sunday

Exactly, we don't know the direction of travel of the vehicles involved. Since the Pathfinder is resting a short distance from the end of a passing zone, maybe the flatbed driver was passing legally & the driver who was being passed sped up which is common. Then who would be considered the reckless fool?
" Sep 29, 09 7:38 PM

It's less than 1/4 mile, I just measured it on google earth it's .15. It is a bad place to pass if one isn't a good judge of speed & distance.
" Sep 29, 09 7:46 PM

Residents outraged over proposed windmill plan

When it's windy by the bay you would not be able to hear the windmill & when it's not windy it would not be moving thus not making any noise. As for disturbing wetlands: they must be kidding they both live on filled in wetlands so it already has been destroyed!! Plovers have more than enough of our waterfront held hostage as it is, they can deal with it or succumb to ecological succession!!
After the push for Southampton going Green, to not allow this would be shockingly hypocritical for even Southampton Town!!" Sep 29, 09 8:34 PM

Oddone trial to start next Thursday

They allow women to dance intoxicated on the tables, probably with heels! Why is okay to let one gender & not another dance on tables? This is fairly simple & what caused there to be any interaction with these two in the first place!!
" Sep 29, 09 8:43 PM

See below
" Sep 29, 09 8:48 PM

Town says Riverside home was overcrowded and infested

Sloppy reporting to say the least!!

" Sep 29, 09 9:02 PM

Residents outraged over proposed windmill plan

This would be the shortest cell tower that I've ever heard of 32'. How is this different from a cell tower you ask? For one it isn't covered by the zoning laws as cell towers are. Cell towers are commercial for profit structures, this is a renewable & sustainable residential power source exactly what we should all be moving towards.

This area is so out of the way that saying this will interfere with scenic vistas is way off. Scenic vistas is one of the most overused & under realized terms being thrown around these days. The senic vistas are gone the have been for awhile. Scuttle Hole Road used to be one long scenic vista now it is littered with Mc Mansions. Don't forget the moron who broke the tree line to the north of Scuttle Hole with there tastless Trophy Home!!
Marty Shea has already stated that he would not be inclined to approve the wind turbine in the southerly location & even if he did it wouldn't be on the shoreline. " Oct 1, 09 7:14 AM

Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs

I understand that fully, this is what broken about the system & not just here all through out government. They need to do a better job hiring being they are stuck with who they hire. " Oct 1, 09 7:26 AM

Southampton Town officials ready proposed budget for next year

Exactly as if that should've been a priority!!!
" Oct 1, 09 7:29 AM

It's already turning into a dump just look at CR39 it remids me of Seldon!!!
" Oct 1, 09 7:33 AM

Rehab of old Sagaponack farmstead may be possible

I sure miss the potato fields & SCENIC VISTAS!!! To bad Southampton couldn't have done the stand up job Southold did in preserving farmland!!!
" Oct 1, 09 7:38 AM

Oddone trial to start next Thursday

No, I'm saying that the reason Reister went over to Oddone at all was because he was dancing on the table. If that hadn't been an issue none of this would've happened. He grabbed him in a choke hold because Reister put his hands hands on him first. I doubt he intended to kill him. Proving that he intended to kill him will be a tall order for the DA's office." Oct 1, 09 2:52 PM

Residents outraged over proposed windmill plan

I stand corrected on the various heights of cell towers you seem to have found the exception to the rule. When one says cell tower in conjures up images of a much larger structure. Being that you hail from Eastport how is this going to affect you?
That is not a shoreline in the context shoreline was being used. It is a small pond surrounded by private property which offers no access to said pond. It is heavily vegetated with cordgrass so even if there were access walking along the "shoreline" would destroy valuable wetlands habitat. So tell me how this UWT going to adversly affect this "shoreline"? BTW nether Piping Plovers or Terns nest here as there is no sandy beach, which is where they nest!" Oct 1, 09 3:08 PM

Talk about get your facts straight the house isn't 9000 sqft. it's 6,284 sqft
It is also not an island as it is not surrounded by water.
Now for your next lesson the reason that for part of the day there is no water flow into the pond is the TIDES not the homeowners. That land was built up & expanded with dredge spoil at the direction of the Town Trustees. When Middle Pond is dredged the resulting deeper channels increase current & the transport of sediment which builds along the shorelines including the small entrance to Honey Pot Pond when the tide is low the water from Middle Pond doesn't make it into Honey Pot Pond.
It is a shame that people who had trespassed for decades can no longer can no longer do so. This land has been in private ownership since it was auctioned off in 1926 so all those who had use of it should be thankful they did for the time they did. The current owners have every right to exclude others from their property as do you. If you would like to get a cross access offer on the table maybe you can work something out." Oct 1, 09 3:49 PM

Sounds like someone has ulterior motives! trying to sell some more solar panels aye?
" Oct 1, 09 3:50 PM

It's not an island it is a peninsula. I don't like what happened to this land anymore than you but Im not going to protest something that is moving in the direction we all should.
Southampton Town in the Master Plan of 1970 talked about acquiring the "spoils area at the mouth of Middle Pond which they did only they didn't secure access to it. That whole piece of land was to be a park & playground with boat ramp for Town & Village residents!
http://town.southampton.ny.us/1970masterplan/chapter_6.pdf (page 8)
This being said the Town dropped the ball again." Oct 1, 09 4:01 PM

I would love to know when this was an island & to see proof. In1926 when it went to auction it was a peninsula. You can go review Map # 213 of the Westerly Portion of Shinnecock Hills filed with the county in 1925. Go see Larry Davidson he is in charge of the map dept.(Riverhead) he will pull it up for you! I have high res. ariel photos of this whole area taken in 1930 by the Suffolk County Planning Dept. which show it as a peninsula as well. What proof of an island can you offer? You can also see ariel photos taken in 1974 by the DEC which show the dredge spoil that was dumped at the direction of the Trustees & yes to the benefit of the owners. Who were different than the current owners. http://twi.ligis.org/index4/714_528.jpg
The Suffolk County Planning Dept. photos are available at Stony Brook University's Map room in digital format. The originals can be found at the Suffolk County Planning Dept. at the H Lee.Denison building in Hauppauge. You will need an appointment to see them.

The reports by the Trustees are greatly lacking in technical expertise as none of the recent Trustees have advanced degrees in Coastal Morphology or Sediment Transport Modeling. They should have just dredged the mouth of Honey Pot Pond to restore the flow. Instead they wasted their time & our money looking for someone to point a finger at, instead of fixing the problem! With no further constrution on the bridge the reopening of the pond should hold unless the sediment is coming from littoral drift within Middle Pond which would be a result of channel dredging & the deposit of the spoils at the mouth of Middle Pond. Go take a look at Far Pond to see how destructive dredge spoil transport can be to wetlands grasses.

You said your family has lived in the community for 40 years, I think my documentation precedes that considerably. I wouldn't be surprised if at some point in time there was a temporary channel dug to let the pond but this does not make it an island.
I notice you didn't correct my figures on the sqft of Mr. Seddios house. Did you have some incorrect info there?" Oct 2, 09 11:18 PM

So you work all over the North East but not east of the canal? No matter how little energy this may or may not produce it is still better then burning fossil fuels. Shinnecock Bay gets plenty of wind but you wouldn't know that because as you said your area is considerably west of the canal. Yet you said Mr.Seddio should call you to discuss installing more solar panels. Conflicting???
" Oct 2, 09 11:26 PM

Judge issues injunction, blocks fishing license enforcement

They can be ticketed as they are not residents." Oct 2, 09 11:43 PM

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