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Southampton Village ZBA Grants Pyramid Law Variance For Wooley Street Home

The zba disregareded the law concerning the pyramid law and allowed their sympathy to a developer instead of following the law. Why have a law if you do not uphold it. Three members of the ZBA should retire before they do any more injury to our neighbohoods." Mar 4, 13 4:55 PM

What the ZBA whores have slyly accomplished with this illegal granting to 80 Wooley Street is the sneeky undermining of the Southampton Village Pyramid Law. Any applicant who asks for one now is entitled to it.
So, the ZBA has changed this law without public debate or vote.
The realty rats are here in squadrons working busily behind the scenes to dismantle any impediments to their profit taking.
The croynism here is right out in the open now.
Perhaps it is time for the SH Village Mayor to protect the rest of us now?
Did any one else consider how ugly this house is.
Really, the extra fussy SHV ARB actually approved this wart. WOW!" Mar 10, 13 5:43 PM

Thanks for the address for PIP. I have already sent them an email provided at thier website. Perhaps if we all take a moment and write to our NYS Attorney General briefly describing the ZBA arrogance and law breaking we might get some official attention and some much needed assistance. Try, Ok because we'll not get any where with the Mayors' office. http://www.ag.ny.gov/bureau/public-integrity-bureau
Public integrity is out of style in Southampton VIllage. Time to tattle!" Mar 10, 13 6:19 PM

Southampton Center Proposes To Open Brick Wall To Make Grounds More Inviting

Easier access to the lawn of the Center is a nice idea for the community as long as there is also easy access for the handicapped. The lower Jobs Lane entrance to the park should be improved to allow the handicapped to use this entrance for their path to the lawn area." Jun 6, 14 9:33 AM

Zeldin Denounces Obama's Threat To Veto Iran Sanctions

Mr. Zeldin has a great deal to learn. He is pleasing his party by following the party line.

A few days ago he supported the pipeline that yields 50 full time jobs once completed. We should all remember that Canada said no to this pipeline. Once again Mr. Zeldin plays it safe and toes the party line.

So far, Mr. Zeldin is wrong on both issues. Score so far 0 for 2" Jan 18, 15 1:37 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Endorses Trey Gowdy For House Majority Leader

THE representative is true to his course of not acting in the best interest of his
Since when does South Carolina give a national model for anything except shooting people in the back!" Oct 2, 15 11:46 AM

Press News Group Files Lawsuit Against Southampton School District Seeking Details Of Former Superintendent's Departure

As a proud elementary school educator with 33 years of experience of loving my wonderful students and correspondingly becoming hotly frustrated with the gutless "administrators" who irrationally think of themselves as CEO's and hot shot business GIANTS when in point of they are in actuality unsuitable to educate anyone. Lots of high educational degrees but no common sense. They are mainly, (in my long experience) failure faces who got pushed upstairs where they are out of sight and cannot harm the children. Thank you to the efforts of the Southampton Press for protecting the public. HURRAY! BLESS YOU!" Aug 30, 16 12:18 PM

Judge Rules That Canoe Place Inn Lawsuit Can Move Forward

PUBLIC BEWARE: The east end of Long Island is just grist for the Real Estate mill. "Developers" develop to suit themselves not to improve our community.
The fancy people who must be catered to with perfection do not wish to buy "USED HOMES" they need new, and only new. So, the Real Estate services gears up to provide NEW. Destroy entire neighborhoods of citizens dwellings in favor of the oversized shingle style built to the legal meets and bounds without a thought to ordinary dignified privacy. Developers do not reside here and they come here to make their MONEY! Got it now?" Sep 8, 16 11:56 AM

Southampton Village ARB To Re-Open Mocomanto Hearing

Southampton is one of those blessed communities with a large trove of history to preserve. I've proudly lived here in this village for just over 20 years and have been routinely horrified by the destruction. Our family enjoys a nice life here in large part because we remain respectful of what came before we arrived and treasure it.
Mr. John Bennett, once challenged me at a ARB meeting claiming loudly that I had no standing to speak about the business at hand. He went on to say that his roots proudly went back to Colonial times. When he finished his statement I quietly advised him to take better care of his proud heritage. " Apr 12, 18 11:47 AM