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Southampton Town Leaf Pickup Program Still Confuses Many

This is just outrageous. I too spent countless hours mulching and bagging ($50 for the bags) the leaves I used to simply put on the curb. I borrowed a truck to bring to the dump the leaves that fell after the town picked up the bags I had on the curb. My neighbors spent over $600 to have a landscaper get theirs to the dump (they had to pay extra since they had more than the 8 cu yards allowed by the town). Like the age limit determination, the maximum size allowed per residence doesn’t do justice to those living in wooded areas. Of course, I was not happy when I learned the town would not pick up loose leaves but complied as I understood the town’s attempt to save money during these difficult times. Doing some online research, I came across articles in the fall debating the program change passed in June! I also found quite shocking to read about the whole complain of Ms. Fetten (hired in April at a whopping $107k salary!) and the extra work for her facilities’ employees…It made me wonder if there was a Captain on the ship because how was it possible she did not know about the program change and anticipated the extra work and cost for her department. It also made me wonder how it was done in prior years. I wish there could have been a better coordination at the town to get the job done in the most efficient manner using all departments involved (waste/highway/facilities). Personally, I would have been open to have a new program by which residents or homeowners could register and pay for some extra cost. The town has the equipment (paid with our taxes!) and should be able to provide the service at a below cost compared to private carters/landscapers, some of which must have had a very good season (including my neighbors when I read some of the cost posted in the comments…!). Instead, by acting this way, the town is not only rewarding people who did not comply with the new program, it is promoting poor behaviors and lack of civism. What a shame! " Dec 18, 11 4:45 PM

Under a pile of leaves...I believe!...;-)" Dec 18, 11 4:50 PM

I am with you Carol. I am mad too! We have been duped and screwed!" Dec 19, 11 12:15 AM