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Baymen Need Two More Wins For Playoffs

HB Baymen coach is Jeff Doroski" Oct 15, 14 2:32 PM

Doroski Bolts Hampton Bays Football And Returns To Mercy; Coaching Search Is On At Hampton Bays

While timing is terrible with the boys gearing up for the 2015 season in just a few short weeks, it is not a great loss. Jeff Doroski did nothing for football in Hampton Bays. As he said, he was welcomed into the community with open arms but unfortunately he never became a part of the community. He did not commit to the Baymen pre, during or post season. He had one foot out the door from the beginning. Maybe they should bring Mike Oestreicher back! He was a coach for the kids and was dedicated to the boys and the community of Hampton Bays. " May 27, 15 1:55 PM

Fotopoulos Atop The Scoring Leaders In Hampton Bays History

It is not a true defeat of Andrea Dwyer's record. It should be apples to apples, Andrea was not permitted to play Varsity in 7th grade. Her stats are 9th through 12th. If you do the comparison fairly, you will see that Alexis still has a ways to go to beat the record. " Dec 11, 15 4:29 PM

LIRR To Offer Early Morning Rush Hour Service From Southampton To Manhattan

$29.25 is a one way fare, not round trip. " May 10, 18 1:21 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Village And Town Police Work Together On Traffic Signal Modifications

Southampton Town Police Department needs to station officers at intersections in Hampton Bays. The cars continue to travel through red lights blocking anyone trying to turn onto Montauk Highway. There needs to be a larger police presence in Hampton Bays to control traffic, especially during the US Open. It will only get busier later this week into the weekend.

" Jun 11, 18 10:27 AM

HBWD To Present Opposing Argument To SCWA Proposal To Manage Local Water Next Week

Everyone has to come to the next meeting. The safety of our water in Hampton Bays is important enough to fill that auditorium!! " Dec 11, 18 5:23 PM

Tensions Run High At First Public Meeting To Discuss SCWA Management Of Hampton Bays Water

Everyone has to come to the next meeting. The safety of our water in Hampton Bays is important enough to fill that auditorium!!" Dec 12, 18 9:32 AM