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Southampton High School Assistant Principal Stars In Music Video

As a parent with kids in Southampton High School, I've had my share of meetings with her, never ending with what I felt was satisfactory in the least. Each time we were in there, she gave us a pompous attitude, a holier than thou face every single time. And add to those, the oh so sickly sweet lectures about how as a parent we need to be the mature adults in this relationship, not at our childrens level. We are not their friend, we are the parent and need to make the rules strict and structured. That she has worked with children for many years, and is a parent herself, and knows very well what it takes to be the one that earns the childs respect.
Well - I may not always be the mature one, and I have and will continue to make choices as a parent that may not have been the best at the time, but I choose to be their parent AND their best friend! I say to each his own about whatever things you choose to like, whether it be this music or these types of videos. Our kids are not sheltered from this, but I don't think that gives free reign to put ourselves into it for them to see. Any wild parties I went to were before I became a parent. I try and be mature most of the time, when it's important and needed. My immature times haven't led me to being in videos like this. Coming from the Vice Principle, I suppose I should have paid more attention to the part she was preaching to us about "Do As I Say, Not As I Do"." Sep 17, 15 8:02 AM

:)" Sep 17, 15 8:39 AM

Who said my kids are well behaved? I didn't. I wonder if people even really read the comments, or just pick and choose a few things and then blast on that! None of us are perfect, and by no means was I even implying that I was! I have my faults, we all do - but I think as parents we have an obligation to try and help steer our children on paths that are morally and ethically good for the individual as well as the whole. This world sucks, and we the people have made it so! I'm fine with people liking whatever they want - but I think when we hold a position of authority, and especially around kids, we have a responsibility to maintain a certain moral standard - we can't constantly tell our kids that situations they put themselves into are wrong, discipline them - and then do it ourselves with the excuse that "we didn't know it was going to be like that". If this is okay, then we can tell our kids that they will not be in trouble as long as they didn't really know there would be alcohol, drugs and/or sex involved. All Excused! And these comments in response to my original comment just goes to show again, that we are not good people at all! Steering away from what the topic is about, and instead shooting arrows at each other. Again, this world sucks and we the people are what make it so! Sad. I'm done here. " Sep 23, 15 9:33 AM

Springs School Parents Speak Out Against Language Barrier In District

We bend over backwards and then some in order to accommodate the Latino, yet they still keep demanding more without trying to learn English here where they came for "a better life for their family". And prejudice and racism is called into play if we don't. I don't see any other nationality that we do this for. Isn't it prejudice that we don't offer everything in every language? Why just in Spanish? If we can't have everything available then we should only have English or I feel it's considered prejudiced against non-Latino's. Why does not every nationality deserve the U.S. to change, conform, and present everything on bended knee to them also? Oh wait, that's right - they came here and are actually trying, so we only have to do this all in Spanish. I don't remember ever hearing about the invitations sent out that said please come to America, bring your whiny crying poor woe is me, have no job, no money attitude but please give me everything and make that all in Spanish so I feel comfortable, or you're a racist!" Mar 25, 16 11:53 AM

Shinnecock Man Killed While Crossing County Road 39 On Foot Friday Night

Condolences to the family, what a horrible thing to happen. My brother died at 17 years old in a car accident and still 30 years later it's heartbreaking. I feel for this family and all the friends who knew him. Death is tragic and I feel especially more so with younger people, so much life left to live and love to give. I'm not a religious person but I will be sending warm comforting thoughts.
Why hasn't the name of the driver been listed? She's obviously an adult - what is so special about her that makes her name exempt from everyone knowing? If it was truly just a horrific accident - then there's no reason for her name not to be here also. " Apr 13, 16 7:32 AM

Also, I wanted to add that it doesn't even matter where he was coming from or going to. That has nothing to do with being hit on the road. People cross roads on foot all the time, it's our responsibility as the driver of that vehicle to be watching out for everything - cars - people - animals - debris on the road. We are operating a piece of machinery - we have to be watching all the time. I highly doubt he was traveling across the road faster than the car was traveling down it. We need to slow down and be aware always of everything around us. I slow down - and sometimes stop - many times for people to cross. I am perfectly fine with stopping and letting someone cross rather than trying to blow by them and let them take their chances with whatever is coming up behind me. Wherever we are going CAN wait a few more seconds while we let that person cross the road safely in front of us. " Apr 13, 16 7:37 AM