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Developer Files Updated Application For East Quogue Subdivision, Golf Course

"Discovery representatives were not invited to attend the meeting..." sure sounds like a balanced presentation, now doesn't it?" Oct 23, 14 4:51 PM

Supporters, Opponents Sound Off On Proposed Benefits Of East Quogue Golf Course Development

In the plan there is preservation of more than 400 acres of privately held land. That is at no cost to the Town's CPF or other taxpayer funds; and that's not good planning? " Feb 20, 15 6:45 PM

After Nearly Closing In 2010, Stony Brook Southampton Has Grown And Prospered

Agree. It's been revived as a two year community college, that takes students four years to complete....
Pick up the pace of change and develop programs equal to other SUNY institutions of higher education; and more reflective of the Stony Brook campus." Feb 21, 15 2:04 PM

Environmentalists Say East Quogue Development Would Further Damage Water Supplies, Waterways

The EQ Hamlet Study and GEIS was completed a few years ago and is on the Town web site- comparing the proposed uses is a method to evaluate conformity to the hamlet study recommendations. If scientific studies and impact statements that typify these types of applications have not yet been submitted or vetted, what methodologies and engineering principals have all these "environmental experts" used to formulate their conclusions? What specifically is the source of water quality damage to Weesuck under the existing conditions and how has it persisted without corrective action? That's the issue IMO." Mar 5, 15 6:33 AM

Exactly why there is doubt over the validity of the article's list of "environmental experts." Rather than accurately stating historical reports, facts and conclusions, only snipped pieces are selected to frighten rather than educate the public. Suddenly everyone is an instant expert if you're gullible enough to blindly follow. Shameful. " Mar 8, 15 1:48 PM

Mystery Surrounds Four Dead Deer Found On Train Tracks In East Quogue

Haven't you ever seen deer tracks before....?" Apr 17, 15 3:07 PM

Peconic Land Trust To Distribute Funds To Long Island Farmers To Buy Equipment

Why not require all farmers awarded the funds to implement best management practices and ground water studies as a condition of accepting the money?" May 29, 15 3:58 PM

Is farming having an impact on ground and surface water; primarily from fertilizers and pesticides? Sure best management practices are done by some farmers, make it a requirement and do some monitoring as a condition of the funding for equipment-work the costs out with the Town, County and Peconic Land Trust." May 31, 15 6:39 PM

Southampton Town Considers Wall To Collect Nitrogen In Flanders

Hey NSC,
where do you think YOUR sewage goes to after it is pumped? Probably up Rt 105 to Riverside Dr. and the Riverhead STP-which dumps NO sludge into the bay- in fact its new upgrades will improve the wastewater effluent quality so that can be used to irrigate the County's Indian Island golf course. Perhaps you should be paying more for your sewage to be disposed of in Riverhead instead of making grossly incorrect and moronic claims ....unless you want a treatment plant next door to your house... " Jul 12, 15 5:01 PM

Southampton Town Water Protection Plan Draws Criticism

The "Plan" has great objectives. The Town Board and the Trustees should adopt aspects of the plan, but independent of it becoming a full blown-official "LWRP." The Councilwoman is correct, entering into these "waters" is dangerous. Some goals can be met with adequate local water protection funds. An "adopted LWRP is unnecessary.
A good plan- burdened with potential for governmental administrative and regulatory conflicts deems it a "no-go." I understood that not all East End towns have adopted a LWRP-or wish to." Jul 22, 15 4:03 PM

UPDATE: Hampton Jitney Accident On County Road 39 Cleared

The Jitney's historical safety records need examination- accidents and bus fires are now common events. On CR 39, buses and large commercial vehicles should be required to travel at reduced speeds and forced to stay in the right lane.
Solution: improve the East End's LIRR service!" Aug 13, 15 6:33 AM

Shinnecock Nation Hosts 69th Annual Powwow Labor Day Weekend

Was more even special than usual, abundant in beauty, strength and spirit." Sep 5, 15 4:59 PM

Environmentalists Demand Repeal Of PDD Law In Southampton Town

Review the history-there was a moratorium implemented by the Town in East Quogue- resulting in a Hamlet Study /GEIS and Findings Statement recommending a PDD be used for land use decisions at the "Hills" site for pretty much what is proposed. How does Thiele have the ability to judge a "good or bad" project?
Perhaps as State Assemblyman he should focus on the potential closure of the State Trooper facility in Riverside and loss of public services-kind of a "bad" idea don't you think, Fred? " Oct 8, 15 5:57 AM

What is the wager amount you are ready to commit?" Oct 9, 15 5:47 PM

TB, then I consider your posts as has hardly sporting commentary and simply an empty challenge- suggesting you've no real confidence you'll win. Who decides what is "plenty?"-
I suggest the "who"would be the the land planners, scientists and engineering professionals who understand the term "significant" as it pertains SEQRA- and apply objective review in lieu of injecting vitriol and fear rather than calm debate and educational input. Clearly the article's news-makers are attempting to fragment the local community, build up their hostility, panic and anger, to drown out the facts and reason. You're right- you have no serious wager. " Oct 10, 15 3:01 PM

"Like numbers one can find scientists to say whatever one wishes them to say." Right. Your comment is evidenced by local Political Scientists- and Pseudo-scientists who opine for fame and status.

" Oct 11, 15 2:13 PM

NT- During the informational meetings- the CV of each of his experts is described. Perhaps you should attend one, before posting "drama statements" founded on prejudice and innuendo. " Oct 12, 15 6:01 AM

NT & TB- Perhaps you've clouded judgement regarding sources of political contribution and government decision makers- your philosophy is encouraging but your logic short-sighted.
Both of you admit involvement in local party leadership- so be noble and set the example: just STOP asking for the money in the first place?
" Oct 13, 15 6:59 AM

off YOUR cloud, NT? oh.. so now you also wish to control the atmosphere.. guess it's true...

"everybody wants to rule the world..."" Oct 13, 15 4:08 PM

Sag Harbor Village Considering Eminent Domain For Ferry Road Property

Poorly thought out legal approach. "in the middle of SEQRA" - by State law -no decisions can be made until the environmental review process is completed- an easy Article 78 filing - an intern could win the developer's case. " Jan 15, 16 6:48 AM

Court Won't Hear Appeal By Southampton Town Trustees; Decision Further Muddies Water In Terms Of Board's Regulatory Authority

No good will come of this. The beginning of the end of a decent maritime institution and our public beach rights/access. Depending on upcoming TB special election results, watch for the unfolding of the "Water Protection Plan" swiftly fold to a LWRP and wrestling matches among govt. agencies for local beach and marine water control. IMO. After all, aren't these Appellate Div. Supreme Court judges NY State employees ?
Are they appointed?" Jan 20, 16 6:52 AM

Proposed PDD Moratorium Advances To Public Hearing Scheduled In April

The proposed Pubic Hearing is the opportunity for All Members of the Public to speak and/or comment. " Mar 3, 16 4:13 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Shares Vision For New Ponquogue Beach Restaurant

Hmmm- wonder who would get that "private vendor" operating contract.. at OUR oceanfront beach? (wink-wink)
check, please!" Mar 22, 16 5:06 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Sharpens Affordable Housing Proposal, Studying Feasibility

"Some of that data, for example, could be collected by analyzing who receives mail at each household." Really ? Is that legal?
Adding more names to the mailing lists used for political advertisements...? " Mar 25, 16 7:28 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman Explores Idea Of Buying Farmers' Chemical Rights

The Town issues bid requests to farmers to lease and farm agricultural land the Town purchased with CPF. Farmers bid a per acre lease price to the Town. Go test the idea by placing zero tolerance on pesticide and fertilizer use as part on the bid. I'll wager no one with a credible background in agriculture bids more than five cents per acre to take on that risk. Pure pandering. " Mar 29, 16 1:14 PM

Engineers To Collect Traffic Data In Southampton Town This Week In Preparation For County Road 39 Blinking Light Program

"Motorists can experience minor delays"....really? Why start the trip in April from Hampton Bays? Try starting it on Friday in June,from Westhampton, be sure to have a full tank of gas and a colostomy bag....
Does the Town Board actually pay for this nonsense as a "traffic engineering study?" Deplorable." Apr 11, 16 4:55 PM

Fred Thiele Steps Down As Sag Harbor Village Attorney

Should be fun watching contestants for each of these replacements! My guess:typical game of musical chairs, (with recordings interrupted by usual suspects hidden behind the curtains). " Apr 11, 16 5:05 PM

UPDATE: Town Releases 'The Hills' Environmental Study To Public

So with all the chatter over the town's release of the DEIS, has anyone read it?
" Apr 22, 16 7:28 PM

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