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Challenges to recognition may not cause much delay

Thank you CLC. To others: yes you know who you are but no one contests it. As you are, you can walk right into a bank and receive a mortgage loan. Our children can't even go to Native schools because we first have to prove that they are Native through this degrading process. We can't even legally practice religious ceremonies because it is illegal for non-Natives (those who are not federally recognized) to own or transport Eagle feathers.
This is not about money; it is not even about what was stolen. It is about us having permission, so to speak, to be who we know we are--when your forefathers came to this country in search of freedom, that freedom was bought at the price of not only our ancestors lives but also at the cost of their chidrens freedom in ther own home.
All we want is the ability to co-exist in this new world that has been imposed on us. Why should our people be resigned toa destitute future while the rest of the world is afforded opportunities to move forward?" Jul 23, 10 5:21 PM

Shinnecock Community Notes, September 2

I am the author of the article and Toot is my third cousin. Therefore I am very aware that the family requested that all attendants wear summer colors in honor of Toot (this seems to be the only line that has not happend yet). So I trust that people will honor that request. From what I observed last night at the wake most did, and confirmed that—like myself in white and her favorite color fuchsia today—they would honor that request at the funeral. So there are no “imaginary tales” the only thing I predicated is guests care enough to respect her family’s last memory of her.
I do not compromise the journalistic integrity of this paper by making empty assumptions. I am an active member of the Shinnecock Indian Nation and every word I write is based on personal interaction.
Additionally, community columns are a place to inform people of all community news. I wrote an “in memoriam” on last month’s tragedy because it was so devastating that the situation warranted so. However, if you were to read any of my pervious columns you will find that my style—with the exception of the two deaths in April, one being Ms Crippen’s mother—is to acknowledge our loss with a few personal words about the essence of that individual and move on.
As for your concern about credibility, we write our news up until the last possible moment with the most up-to-date information. But there is a cutoff and if things go awry between then and the next issue, that is what corrections are for, and now the internet.
I understand you’re upset, you must have loved Toot as well; but you don’t know where you are coming from or who you are taking to. So on behalf of family, we are alright with it; and as her family, you have offended me, but that is fine too. Whatever I have to say here is only a mere fragment of what Toot means to us all—no words can do her justice! But trust that her true memory is honored in all of her family, friends, and everyone else she touched.
P.S. Her death and service announcement were announced ahead of time under the obituary link; a complete obituary will also appear online at any moment.
God Bless you.
" Sep 1, 10 12:11 PM

Shinnecock Community Notes, January 6

Shinnecock makes the most beautiful babies!!" Jan 5, 11 2:28 PM

Services for Alice Lopez were announced as follows:
Calling hours will be held on Friday, January 7, from 4 to 7 p.m., at the Chapman, Cole and Gleason Funeral Home, 74 Algonquin Avenue, Route 151, Mashpee, Massachusetts.
A traditional sunrise ceremony will be held on Saturday, January 8, at 7 a.m., at the Old Indian Meetinghouse in Mashpee, with regular services to begin at 11 am and interment to to follow in the Old Indian Cemetery. " Jan 5, 11 2:43 PM

Shinnecocks Reject Casino Partner Contract

How did you happen upon those Shinnecock documents that your site posted? Is that for real?" Dec 17, 11 11:53 AM

I thought Tribal Council was a volunteer position, is that not true?" Dec 17, 11 11:53 AM