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Large Water Mill House Demolished In Fire

I am the Senior Public Adjuster for Long island Public Adjusters representing Paul Fried and Michael Polacco on this loss. Let me say that they both have expressed extreme gratitude to the firefighters and made it a point to personally thank everyone that was on the scene.
We are currently working directly with the Town Fire Marshal and the Insurance Company to determine the exact origin and cause. At this time it has been deemed sudden and accidental however additional investigation is required to pinpoint the exact cause of loss.
Also, to clear up some of the concern, the house was only partially completed when it was purchased in 2007. It was finished with 10,000 sf of livable space with 10 bedrooms and 11.5 bathrooms and then was assessed by the town at its current value. As for it being for sale since 2009 a quick click to zillow.com will show hundreds of houses in the Hampton's on the market since 2008/2009.
Again, we would like to get back to the point that actually matters and thank all of the firefighters for a great job and all of the support staff that kept the neighboring houses and everyone involved safe." Jan 27, 12 10:06 PM

Thank you Susie.

The reason it was worth the cost is because the firefighters that responded did an EXCELLENT job in containing the fire to the affected property. At one point the fire nipped the house to the left (north) and they immediately responded by entering into the property and dousing the would-be flame.

Had they not been there or done the job that they did the damage would have been catastrophic for the neighboring houses.

The homeowners house was empty at the time but the surrounding ones were not. Without their help this could have been a very different outcome." Jan 28, 12 9:25 AM

This has not been the sentiment at all. I was personally there when the homeowners were discussing the fire with the Fire Marshal last night and they were very appreciative.

I believe what you are referring to is that one of the homeowners, upon first learning of the fire, drove to the house and tried to get into the scene but was blocked, for his protection. At this time he was distraught and was understandably upset but this was in no way directed at any of the volunteers." Jan 28, 12 9:28 AM