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Large Water Mill House Demolished In Fire

Most public adjustors are not called until much later in the game when the insurance company and the policy holder don't see eye-to-eye on the settlement. It is highly unusual and very odd that not only has this homeowner already hired an adjustor but the adjustor is on this site and the homeowner's girlfriend is on another site spinning the story. This is not normal behavior for the shocked and grieving. It is pretty aggressive. This is also the same guy with the windmills or turbines on his house. Is there not another sleepy town this Collaco, Thompson and Fried can go disrupt? It is the winter, we would like to relax and recharge until your ilk come descend upon us with this nonsense. " Jan 30, 12 6:37 AM

"My business model has long been short-term rentals," says Paul Fried, a developer and landlord whose company, Orion Realty Group, owns five Hamptons houses, all but one of which are fully rented for the summer. Short-term rentals are "a lot more work [for landlords]; you have more turnover and it's much easier to just rent for the whole season; but they can command a premium [higher than] what they might have otherwise rented for," Fried says.

2009 NY Post." Jan 30, 12 6:46 AM