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Large Water Mill House Demolished In Fire

Just a hypothetical question...
say a person were to rent out a property with no smoke detectors and unsecured swimming pool...if a 17 year old were to become inebriated and have an accident wouldn't the renter be charged with criminal negligence? Who is responsible?" Jan 30, 12 2:42 PM

UPDATE: One Arrested After Water Mill Crash Sends Two To Hospital

why aren't the laws stricter? leaving the scene of an accident is complete disregard for life! its got to be one of the worst crimes. How do you live with yourself knowing you hurt another human being and drove away? People who do this are animals." Feb 6, 12 10:15 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Might Crack Down On Garbage Bandits

It's theft of services! We have to pay for a dumpster for the business. Weekenders put their garbage in and we deliver it back to their front lawn. This happens almost every weekend in the summer. Now we are going to mount a camera.
People deposit their garbage on dead end streets and wooded areas of the neighborhood.
I was sitting in my car by the movie theater and a women dropped a whole bag of garbage from food out of her car window...soda, ice and all!
If caught, these slobs should have to spend a few hours cleaning up main street in an orange jumpsuit! Teach them some humility for a place they use and dump on..." Feb 29, 12 7:03 PM

It is also about people improperly disposing of garbage in an area where not everyone is a full time resident.
Obviously you took my comment personally...I wonder why?" Mar 2, 12 10:03 AM