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Overturned Camper On Sunrise Highway In Hampton Bays Snarls Traffic For Miles

I see 2 heavy-duty tow trucks -Shoreline Towing's- working on righting this overturned HUGE camper right now...thank goodness. Yeah I'm one of the unfortunate ones stuck right behind this rollover, too far past previous exit to back all the way up, sigh. At least I can play on iPhone while waiting for them to clear the road, lol.
I dunno about such things but that camper looks waaay too big for a regular old pick-up truck to have been towing in first place......" Jun 15, 12 1:19 PM

I must agree with Mr. Z. Although something obviously went wrong, the driver was either Skillful or EXTREMELY LUCKY. This incident could have been a whole lot worse!" Jun 23, 12 5:42 AM

Deer Slaughter Under Way In Southampton Town

She is a liar. Called every listed food pantry on Long Island and not one received 1,000 lbs of butchered venison meat and as a few took the time to inform me- they could not legally nor logistically accept such a 'gift' anyways. " Apr 8, 14 7:13 PM