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East Hampton's Diana Weir To Lead Altschuler Campaign For Congress

That's just what we need, more wishy-washy diplomatic vomit from some guy willing to claim he has a high hat size. What part of Tim's votes on Healthcare Reform, Tarp I, Tarp II, NAFTA, To Raise The Debt Ceiling to Go To War in Iraq, his Vote to allow minors to cross state lines to get abortions without parent's knowledge, Voted yes to spend 60 Billion dollars on a job creation bill that failed, voted for the $825 Billion Bailout to Banks, voted YES to allow shareholders to control executive compensation, Voted to ditribute clean needles to junkies, voted to no on all new oil refineries and at any chance to eliminate dependence on foreign oil, voted to criminalize OPEC, voted NO on restricting frivolous lawsuits, voted NO on allowing small businesses to form associations to buy health insurance, voted NO on limiting medical malpractice lawsuit judgements, Voted NO on repealing the public health slush fund, voted YES on instituting mandatory public service as a new social invention, Voted NO on removing servicemen from Afghanistan theatre, voted YES on net nutrality, Voted NO to reduce taxes on capital gains and dividends, voted NO on protecting the pledge of allegience, voted NO on legislation making it a crime to hurt a fetus during a crime, Voted NO on prohibition of human cloning for medical research, Voted YES on the $2Billion dollar cash for clunkers program. Any questions there mr. hat?" Feb 1, 12 4:34 PM

He has EXCLUSIVELY lived on the tax payers dime...went right from Daddy to Sugar Daddy. Unless I'm missing something, guy has never EARNED anything so could never really identify with someone who EARNS. Time to bring clean the slate of this large part of why the congress languishes at 18% approval rate. Vote Randy Altschuler, NY-1." Feb 1, 12 4:37 PM

Large Water Mill House Demolished In Fire

One needs no qualification to be a public adjuster. No inusurance license nor any special ability. Scanning the police and fire frequencies for other family's tragedies sounds helpful, however." Feb 2, 12 9:42 AM