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East Hampton's Diana Weir To Lead Altschuler Campaign For Congress

You are a piece of work. If its sponsored by MoveOn, it is not a 99% party. George Soros and one other anon donor together gave $10,000,000 - not to mention Linda Prtizger of Hyatt Hotels and the San Francisco Foundation who contribute millions (and take a huge tax deduction) to help pay for parties that you purport are *ahem* 99% parties. MoveOn is affiliated with hundreds of 527 organizations whose goal is to do nothing but funnel large sums of money to progressive candidates while finger pointing and whining about some ficticious concept (that has evidently worked on you) called 1%. Except for the Nuremberg defense do you have any other explanation for touting a 99% party sponsored by MoveOn?" Feb 9, 12 4:26 PM

Tim Bishop Given Environmental Steward Award

What were your top 3 favorite parts or which 3 main points of Tim's did you think were the best?" Feb 9, 12 4:28 PM

Firefighter Injured Battling Hampton Bays Blaze

That was quick. But nothing on the scandal plagued property in Water Mill huh? " Feb 10, 12 9:48 AM

Glennon Shares Perspective On Proposed Supermarket Law

There is no end to the amount of talking that guy does on everyone's behalf. Guy needs to create his own utopia out in New Mexico." Feb 10, 12 4:11 PM

East Hampton Town Board Members Divided On Future of Scavenger Waste Plant

There are few people that are a bigger part of the problem than the so called Bay Keeper, Kevin McCallister. I would caution folks against giving funds so they can be used to line the pockets of attorneys fighting the personal battles of a wayward lifeguard. In case you didn't notice, corporations are actually made up of people and there has never been a government or municipal entity that has ever shown it can do anything better than a for-profit, private entity. Period, end of story. The extensive list of violations have taken place on the town's watch. Evidently the polar bears in the Central Park zoo aren't the only species that expect a different outcome whilst repeating the exact same behavior." Feb 15, 12 4:37 PM

Tim Bishop Given Environmental Steward Award

Yeah, let's create a couple of jobs to moderate a mesage board. Now there is a proud poppa." Feb 15, 12 4:39 PM

East Hampton Town Board Members Divided On Future of Scavenger Waste Plant

Yes Anarchy! Its about time someone else come up with the only solution that is left. I presume board watcher won't understand this post. With me being a SH Town voter and she being an EH Town Voter we are worlds apart. I mean, in East Hampton they apparently turn something into a political issue and then claim they didn't turn this into a political issue. She probably also thinks she didn't turn this into a youthful class warfare issue either. Pfft. Whose watching the Board Watcher? Me. That's who.

"Very tiring to keep hearing how privitization will sow benefits to "the rich getting richer" that will ...more not filter down (pun intended) to us little people, no matter how we're registered. There will always be DEC oversight, if I'm not too befuddled by Dem BS to understand the "real issues" here. "

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" Feb 16, 12 4:17 PM

Race For Congressional Seat Warms Up

Tim Bishop never held a private sector job." Feb 17, 12 2:07 PM

Oh there are many things like wage erosion and job losses in tandem. But what an odd reminiscence" Feb 17, 12 2:07 PM

A former congressman says it's hypocritical of President Barack Obama to call on U.S. companies to "insource" jobs while he is choosing to outsource a lucrative government aircraft contract to a foreign company.

The Kansas City Star recently reported that Kansas-based Hawker Beechcraft Corp. filed a lawsuit, forcing the Air Force to halt work on a $354-million contract with a Brazilian company to build a light attack aircraft. The Pentagon awarded the contract to Nevada-based Sierra Nevada Corp., which will work with Embraer, a Brazilian corporation that produces the A-29 Super Tucano turboprop. But Hawker Beechcraft contends it was blocked from the contract process.

Todd Tiahrt is a former GOP congressman from Kansas who now runs an aviation and aerospace consulting company. He says the decision makes no sense.

"The amount of American jobs if Hawker Beechcraft won would be 1,400 American jobs -- many of them union jobs and many of them veteran employees," he explains. "But in selecting Embraer, there will only be 50 American jobs, and the airplane will actually be built in Brazil."

But even though the American-made AT-6 performed better in flight tests and was more popular with the pilots, the Obama-led Pentagon decided to outsource 1,400 jobs to Brazil.

"He just recently proposed a program called 'insourcing,' where he wants to punish corporations that are looking for less expensive work and shipping outside the nation," Tiahrt notes. "Yet that's the very same thing he's doing. He's doing it with the Keystone pipeline, he did it with Russian helicopters, and today he's doing it with Hawker Beechcraft national security jobs."

The former congressman hopes this situation outrages Americans and motivates them to ask their members of Congress to investigate the details of how this contract was awarded. In the meantime, Hawker Beechcraft has sued.

" Feb 20, 12 11:11 AM