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VFW Sells Longtime Quogue Post, Buys New Home In Westhampton Beach

Honestly! I really don't know enough about the situation- but after living out here full time for 25 years and raising a family, Is it possible for to you to understand that the new location makes it more accessible (current location is much more remote) for more veterans to be able to attend in a more densely populated area.

I'm 50+ years old and I have never had the honor to serve our nation in any respect- but I'm the proudest American patriot you'll ever meet. I probably would never go into the new WHB VFW and I won't deserve to ! All of us need to understand - this isn't a bar first- it's a place of honor for older gentlemen who have endured what few of us have - and if the fine young serviceman of gabreski do anything to compromise or blemish this intention than I'm sure the VFW will find a diplomatic and suitable way to bridge the generational differences.

Honestly Cupsogue- yes drinking is a problem in the military as in every aspect of our society- but moderation is a philosophy that our society has preached for at least 2-3 decades now - and the military is not exempt from that- and to blast the VFW for endorsing that problem is once again ignorant- condemn a patriotic and commemorating organization for showing honor to our veterans? Come on!!" Dec 8, 14 9:01 PM