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Police arrest suspect in Flanders shooting


How does shooting a man in the chest not constitute Attempted Murder?" Apr 18, 09 11:13 AM

Sag Harbor proposes traffic ticket office

Sag Harbor authorities urgently need to figure-out a way to provide additional parking around the village.

Until they do that, there will always be tickets to write, thanks to the ubiquitous 2-hour zones (what if you work in the village?!).

But maybe they would prefer the revenue from those tickets to actually solving a very real problem..." Apr 19, 09 11:42 PM

Hundreds protest taxes in Riverhead

These protestors are absolutely right. Our government is irresponsible with money. OUR money. WE are paying for these gargantuan bailouts and stimulus packages while the govt continues to run a record deficit. The solution is SPEND LESS. What a radical concept. Raising taxes on ANYONE (rich or poor) will only FEED Washington's disease, not cure it. Can you imagine if the govt actually SAVED money? It's possible to do. If we would just get out the pruning shears and cut our bloated govt down to size. But don't expect to see that under Obama." Apr 23, 09 11:58 PM

BTW, Bush is pretty guilty as well. He was not a fiscal conservative, sadly." Apr 24, 09 12:00 AM

North Haven murder: One suspect, no arrest

Methinks the lady doth protest rather a lot." May 1, 09 10:49 PM

They came, they saw, they crushed, even the six-foot hot dog

This strikes me as fundamentally un-American. " May 11, 09 12:05 AM

Fred Thiele backs gay marriage bill

Thiele is an example of what's wrong with the GOP, and why they are on the back foot. Instead of giving most American people what they want, which is a thrifty, socially-conservative government which is strong on defense, they try to turn the party into "Democrat LITE"; which guarantees victory to the Democrats. Bring back Reagan. The Right needs an articulate voice to go head-to-head with Obama." May 12, 09 6:59 PM

Same-sex marriage bill passes State Assembly

It's not a comparison, HEJIRANYC.

It's a recognition that once you remove the existing definition of marriage as a union of one man and one woman, you open the door to any number of possible permutations that meet the new, looser definition of "a loving relationship". What if three men in a relationship want to get married? If that's what marriage means to THEM, why should the rest of us stand in their way? See?

But that's really not the heart of the matter. The real issue is whether a small minority will be allowed to tyrannize the majority into tinkering with the primary building block of all human societies since the dawn of time." May 16, 09 12:16 AM

Local lawmakers challenge saltwater fishing license proposal

I fish these waters. If they were to use the revenue toward maintaining healthy fisheries, I'd have no problem paying it. But if they're just bleeding us to cover politically-driven overspending, then forget it." Jun 13, 09 8:14 PM

State rejects towns' offer to settle fishing license case; fall trial expected.

Exactly, it was nothing but a revenue grab to cover shoddy management of existing revenues. None of it was going to the management of sustainable fisheries." Jul 29, 10 8:25 AM

Restaurant owner will not open cafe at Poxabogue Golf Center

Once again, government interference destroys healthy commerce and we are all the losers. Way to prevent job creation." Aug 9, 10 10:50 AM

Congressional candidate Cox joins anti-abortion activists in protest at Bishop's office

You forgot to mention that the mother started the fire intentionally. Maybe that was the problem?" Aug 30, 10 3:21 PM

How can I "un-like" this comment?

Actually, ICE, most pro-lifers are women (including every single woman in my extended family). Moreover, many of them became pro-life AFTER having an abortion. How's that for CHOICE?" Aug 30, 10 3:24 PM

Former President Bill Clinton Will Stump For Congressman Bishop On Wednesday

I wonder if Bishop and Clinton would be so interested in getting young people to vote if young people wanted to vote for the other side?" Oct 27, 10 12:00 PM

Earthquake Reported Tuesday Morning Offshore Near East End

like the way Bush's environmental policies were blamed for Katrina?" Nov 30, 10 10:51 PM