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Businesses struggle to thrive in bad economy

Beach Queen, I am a local business owner in SH, where did that comment come from? Wow,
I would like to see some focus on the new businesses in town. I think the Press/27 East does a poor job of getting out the word and supporting those who are starting businesses or expanding in these difficult times. Its easy to jump on the dark and gloomy news but come on, show the good too, be a part of the pro business crowd. Support you local businesses people!! " Apr 30, 09 3:21 PM

A first foray into scalloping

That Joe is a keeping the dream alive!!!" Nov 16, 09 6:10 PM

Sag Harbor School District asks entire staff to consider pay freeze

It is time to be grateful you have a job. Times are hard for everyone. Teachers wake up! step outside of the bubble and look around. The cuts are going to happen, let us teach our students by example about dignity. About everyone coming together in hard times, not whining and kicking our neighbor for a buck they may not have to give. I am a small business owner. I have taken it on the chin this year, I am holding on, not much more to give. benefits, I wish." Apr 2, 10 4:50 PM