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Two hurt after car hits utility pole, bursts into flames

im glad too hear shawn and elyse are ok!!!!!!!!!!! they are in my prayers" May 5, 09 7:49 PM

thank you for all the kind comments i appreciate everything and im just glad i was able too help!!! i truly hope for a bright future for those too kids they deserve it their the true survivours they survived that crash and gave me a chance to help....god bless you all" May 6, 09 9:14 PM

to whoever is claiming that he did everything from bending the door too pull that girl out too helping shaun needs to get his facts straight and stop the b.s cause i never once said that he didnt help get the girl out but for him to say he did everything is obsurd and ridiculous....the only thing i care about is the fact that their gonna be ok so if it makes him feel like more of a man by lying then go right ahead im not in it for the recognition i didnt have to pull over and do anything that is just the type of man i am!!!" May 11, 09 2:09 PM