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Southampton Town Reaches $70K Settlement In Wrongful-Death Suit

WTF?!?!?! Are you people kidding me?!?!?! Tazered or not the guy was going to die! A) He was a drug dealer out here from the city bringing drugs into YOUR community (and your defending him?) and B) I don't think anyone would live after ingesting 5 grams of cocaine at once!! As far as I'm concerned the guy killed himself!! To blame the individuals who risk their lives on a daily basis to PROTECT THE LAW ABIDING CITIZENS is bulls**t!! Just sayin'
" May 17, 12 8:28 PM

Hey eastend68...the cops have an obligation to protect ALL from hurting themselves?!?!? Then I guess you think we should each have our own personal cops following us around on a daily basis...the cops jobs are not to protect us from ourselves you idiot!!! What planet do you live on? " May 17, 12 8:33 PM

...and they did act, but apparently you don't know the entire story. LIKE IT OR NOT!!
" May 19, 12 12:39 AM

Southampton Town Board Suspends Second Police Officer; Police Union Stands Behind Cop

So funny everyone is concerned about his salary which is totally IRRELEVANT!!! ...and lke Nature stated above, LOOK AT UR TAX BILL PEOPLE!!! this is one hard working cop who got caught up in some political bullshit! Lets take a real look at that tax bill and begin to magnify your teachers...your highest tax is school tax and teachers don't even have to pass a drug test!! WTF?!??!?! These people are with our children for 8 +hrs a day....and most of them couldn't pass a drug tet if hey studied!!
" Jul 10, 12 12:33 AM