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Money designated for affordable housing never moved; housing fund in the red

All I hear people is talking about affordable houses for teachers and police? Please how about the rest of the working peolpe in the town of southampton! Teachers and police and hwy superintants make excellent money. How about lowering our taxes and being accountable for the tax money that the town recieves. That way we don't have to have rent out our basements, or have "accessory apartments" for them(police and fire personal, & etc. " May 6, 09 11:01 PM

Southampton reassessments do not reflect economic downturn

kabots said " in the last six years values have gone thru the roof" property values. OK show me the money, were has all the money gone then, with "property values thru the roof"? Spending 32 million for 26 acres in red creek? or hwy superintdant getting a 25% raise in the last year? Look at montauk hwy clear out to east quoge what a mess. Show me the money ; thru the roof and right out the coffers to someone pocket." May 17, 09 8:42 PM

2010 is coming quick you better get your budget in line with less tax money. " May 17, 09 8:45 PM

Kabot says town in the process of correcting fiscal crisis

Credit crunch in America. Get off the rampant spending and dreaming big, face the facts, you should be spending what you got. Same ole ,Same ole, pass it on to the tax payers. "I did know ", here we go again. Make the little guy pay for the big guys mistake. No wonder why everyone needs an apartment in there baasement, to pay for their taxes. Another job well done." May 21, 09 4:40 AM

Dragon's Head meeting wrecking ball

Yup wash it way. Look at the new flood maps. Some report say that with ice caps melting water are going to raise in the next 10 years, they just might be finishing the home before the ocean moves in." May 22, 09 10:21 PM

Housing director claims discrimination by Southampton Town

Boy i wish i made 80,000 - 100,000 dollars . I would not be complaining. I could afford to live in southampton town ship. All this money these people are making and they still have no clue were it goes? Boy if i was making that I could account for every dollar. Just raise our taxes again to give yourself another rasie." Jul 3, 09 7:43 AM