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Rail-bus proposal taking shape

That is an outstanding proposal! " Sep 18, 08 7:53 PM

Open a Watermill Station on Deerfield
Rd by the park please." Sep 18, 08 7:54 PM

Just another thought since I am so intrigued about the subject--Develop Hampton Buses instead of Suffolk Buses or taxis. Hampton Buses should be new, smaller than a suffolk bus, nicer looking---maybe similar to a trolley.

Hampton Buses would compliment the quaint-ness and aesthetics we desire.

Anyone agree?
" Sep 18, 08 8:03 PM

New bill seeks to place cap on number of sex offenders living in trailers

death penalty should be administered to level 3 sex offenders." Oct 1, 08 9:27 PM

Larger trailer for sex offenders placed at jail

put them on block island!" Oct 1, 08 9:32 PM