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Golf course a possibility on East Quogue site

First off, while I am personally not an agronomist, I do know that there have been countless credible studies issued over recent years that prove golf course maintenance (mainly, fertilization) is no longer detrimental to the environment or groundwater. Most all golf course superintendents use best management practices to unsure runoff does not occur and there has been very little evidence of increased levels of Nitrate observed in soils due to leaching. The 'chemicals' used are now virtually all organic and in fact, there are numerous examples where groundwater that has been tested after golf course construction is actually CLEANER than it was in its prior state. Secondly, it’s my understanding that the owners of the Bridge had owned the racetrack for many years and it was their intention to continue operating the racetrack until the Town forced them to shut it down for violating noise ordinances. Only at that point did they pursue a golf course development to protect the value of their property." May 12, 09 11:57 AM