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Overturned Camper On Sunrise Highway In Hampton Bays Snarls Traffic For Miles

My guess would be wobble followed by jack knife /followed by frailer disconnecting from truck/ then followed by truck climbing up the guard rail going backwards with the front wheels turned." Jun 22, 12 4:29 AM

Politically Divided Southampton Town Board Names New Police Captain

Everyone who wants to condemn the chief keep this in mind: He is the successor of a police department that has been plagued by years of of doing "business" shall we say" a certain way".It's my understanding that he is trying CHANGE the improprieties of the past and turn the dept. in to an agency that the citizens of Southampton Town can be proud of and have faith in. CHANGE TAKES TIME!!! After all, the situation didn't get this way in just one year and it not going to be corrected that quickly either. Settle down and give the man a chance!!!!" Jun 22, 12 5:04 AM