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Tension brewing prior to School Board elections in Bridgehampton

I agree with cat. there are FIXED costs which will not go away so the $70,000 per student is not an accurate representation of the actual cost. The cost to tuition out a student might be around $25,000, but if a student has special needs, that number could be double or more. And of course that number can only rise every year (plus voters have no say on how the other school district runs).Only a handful of teachers would lose their positions, so that is not a huge savings. There will be an influx of Ross School students next year, so the actual number of students will grow over the next few years. I would like to see the board concentrate on ATTRACTING more students (would bring the perceived cost per student down), living in the district and from outside the district (paying tuition). Bridgehampton is like a small private school and has everything to offer the kids who want it. Believe me, there are very few clubs at the Ross School and many of the afterschool activities cost extra.
Just a thought - Why is nobody trying to close down Wainscott or Sagaponack or Tuckahoe schools? WHy doesnt Bridgehampton open enrollment to Springs, Water Mill, Waisncott kids for tuition (I hear Southampton & EH are pretty crowded)? What can we do to build the school, not destroy all the work that has been done in recent years? I dont know about you, but my tax rate is a lot less than friends in neighboring areas in the Town.
This drama has a negative effect the kids - are you telling them they dont deserve to have a nice school with small classes?. The kids are not missing out on social lives because the school is small - through townwide programs and other activties, kids have pretty wide nets (take a look at their facebook friend lists!)
Sorry about the long post. My point is that closing the high school to save money is a bit shortsighted. Discussion from both sides is needed to see how we can make the school better. Running with the intent to liquidate the assets does not sit well with me. If the Conti-GordonLudlow team win any seats on the board, I hope that they take the opportunity to use their skills to build the school up to its full potential." May 13, 09 10:41 AM

Affordable units still available in Southampton

even if someone can afford $300k, what are the monthly common charges and taxes? You're probably looking at a monthly payment around $3000, which would preclude most of the people who probably applied for the units." Jul 17, 09 3:05 PM

Wallet lost in Bridgehampton

good luck michelle! i hope whoever found it does the right thing.
if it doesnt show up, we should take up a collection to cover her loss, because that is the kind of town that Bridgehampton is and we care about michelle." Sep 27, 09 7:44 AM

Town housing officials walk out of civics meeting in East Quogue

to Noah Way - the bridgehampton affordables went to town residents (Sag Harbor, North Sea, Bridgehampton, Hampton Bays), except for one unit that was open to out of southampton town (but was still purchased by a rsident i believe). 1 unit was specifically set aside for bridgehampton residents, but only 2 applications were put in from BH. only about 150 even applied for the program in the first place, and the lottery was held with about 75 names that qualified (income, credit, residency etc.) Perhaps you should have applied.
there are 8 units that were purchsed, only 4 have rental apartments attached (total of 12 units). to rent the units, the town has to approve and you must be a resident fo the town.
why do you think this has put a burden on the area? the school is begging for kids to fill empty seats and the residents keep an eye on this high drug/crime area. the people who live there have not contributed to the crime and they take care of their properties. what is your problem with that? perhaps you are envious that you didnt apply for one of the houses...?" Oct 1, 09 9:41 AM