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Lawsuit Claims Town Police Planted Evidence And Filed False Reports

The truth is Tom Tuly has never had a good relationship with his daughter, not all the years I have known her. So much so, I don't think he would put his neck out for her at all. To Tara, father of the year, he never was. Tara is a tragic train wreck, an amazingly beautiful girl, gifted, but drawn to people like Craig Chillemi. If anyone sees fit to give that piece of garbage a dime, its just show you what depth this society is falling to. He is a criminal drug dealer, who prays on the weaknesses of other. Like he is smelling blood in the water with these lawsuits that are coming up. Kudos for your timing, Karma is bummer. Hope the soap drops." Jul 15, 12 12:34 AM

Police Say 30-Year-Old Hispanic Man Is Being Sought In Fatal Hit-And-Run; Name Still Not Released

Truth is, the kid probably feels comfortable showing his face in public, once that picture gets out, he will run the risk of being spotted. Likely go completely off the map. The truth is?? The truth is, there are some seriously messed up bloggers on this site. This woman, by all accounts, sounds like an angel, the tragedy is not the immigration status of the driver, but how this woman, doing God's work, met her untimely end on the side roads of Watermill.
" Jul 15, 12 12:41 AM