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UPDATE: Services Scheduled For Hampton Bays Woman Killed In Flanders Road Crash

I was on that road on Tuesday, southbound and I couldn't BELIEVE how bad those potholes were. There were so many that when I swerved to avoid one I would just hit another. It was like pothole pinball. Getting my car serviced tomorrow and crossing my fingers that I don't have a bent axle. It wouldn't shock me if the potholes had something to do with this accident." Jan 16, 14 4:42 PM

Driver Flees Accident, Drives With Hood Upright Past Hampton Bays Carnival

I happened to be pumping gas right across the street when this accident occurred. I saw this genius take off with his hood up - the car was disabled and probably going only 15-20 mph at the time. I think it's hilarious that he drove RIGHT TOWARDS THE CARNIVAL where there were 100 cops instead of going up 24. Hilarious!
" Jul 31, 14 4:17 PM

Hampton Bays Library Seeking To Build New $13.3 Million Facility

Wow. Do any of the above posters actually USE the library on a regular basis? If they did, they would know the following facts: 1. The HVAC system is a complete nightmare. It is constantly malfunctioning and is incredibly inefficient. 2. The roof is in bad shape and, like the HVAC, is consistently being patched and fixed. The ceiling tiles are falling down - sometimes on top of the staff. Why? Water is leaking in through many cracks of the roof and foundation. So there's also a mold problem. Why is this all happening? Because the building is a patchwork of add-ons and extensions and it is no longer functioning as a whole unit. Do you think the school has to deal with things like this? Ummm, no. Any time they need money from the public, they get it. And for those of you who think that libraries are obsolete, useless, and unnecessary- come visit the building at 3PM on a school day. Oh, and if you do, good luck finding a parking spot. " Jan 23, 16 4:48 PM

Yes, good point. Let's put this in perspective: The current school district budget is about $50 million. The library budget? Just over 2 million. The cost for a complete rebuild of the library, is ONE QUARTER what the school spends in A SINGLE YEAR. You're barking up the wrong tree " Jan 23, 16 4:58 PM

I actually had to pause for a moment and have a good laugh before I replied to you (wipes brow). Phew. OK, here we go: Yes, the building is structurally sound, meaning that if there were an earthquake, it would probably still stand. Since you've been reading the board reports, I'm sure you've seen the many, many repairs that are constantly being done to the building. There are only so many band-aids you can slap on a gaping wound. That $1M you're talking about is just a bigger band-aid. You should also know that there are MANY things that occur in the library that are not included in the board reports. To take a few random facts from the board reports and use them as your ammo against this project is ridiculous. The only way you can get context in this situation is to be a regular library patron or employee. If you are neither, you are really in no position to pass such scathing judgement. " Jan 24, 16 5:03 PM

Nope! Not what I said at all...where did you get that? You sure do make a lot of assumptions. My point is that the school regularly spends (and wastes) an insane amount of tax money. But the one time the public library needs a hand, the reaction is outrage like yours. It's just the wrong tree to bark up. " Jan 24, 16 5:09 PM