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Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

I cant believe how truley ignorant people are! Im truley sick to my stomach knowing i live around some of you!
Calvin Butts was not a gang member! He was a good guy who made mistakes and will only be judged my GOD! n none off you. He will truly be missed and was loved by many, my familys prayers go out to his family and his brother! And you Joe hampton are an idiot! The last thing i want to do on the computer is respond to fools like you and other posters on here but i created an account just to do that. i knew Calvin for many yrs and didnt want anyone disrepecting him or his family without say! Rest in peace Calvin you will b missed!" May 27, 09 12:55 AM

Saturday Morning Shooting On Shinnecock Indian Reservation Leaves One Hospitalized

Here's a thought! Keep your irrelevant comments to self" Jul 6, 15 7:45 PM

Shinnecock Nation Could Grow Medical Marijuana And Build Dispensary On Reservation

Thanks for the positivity Joe Hampton much appreciated, as opposed to the ignorant expected sarcasm that come from our anonymous neighbors. Speak up in person folks lol I'm sure you all know at least one Shinnecoc Tribal member smh Cowards, well then again you have a reason to be. Once we have the revenue to do so you'll all be homeless! Or renting from the Nation. goodday " Feb 9, 16 10:40 PM

Lol can't wait to take your home" Feb 9, 16 10:48 PM