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East Hampton budget officer resigns

Ted Hults is one of the most honest, hard working people I know. It is a shame that the people in the Town have tried to ruin his integrity. I worked with Ted many years ago, and know first hand that he is honest. There have been so many inaccuracies written about him in the local rag magazine, The Independent. His father was a long-time judge who served East Hampton for many years. His mother was a librarrian. Ted was raised to serve this town and he did so with honor and integrity. There was no crime committed. Yes, mistakes were made, but there were no evil or illegal intentions. What I don't understand is with the world as cruel as it is, with the economy as horrible as it is, with so many problems in this world, how the local newspapers and a certain "clique" of individuals are trying to bring down the town to the lowest level I have ever seen. Why isn't that energy being used for better things. Every single town in America is experiencing financial distress - East Hampton is not unique. That point has been overlooked by everyone. Towns are laying off employees, but that hasn't happened in East Hampton. Benefits have been cut. That hasn't happened yet. Ted stepped down to save jobs - and knowing Ted as well as I do, this is the truth, but I am sure there will be those who will try to put a spin on it. I truly am disgusted by the behavior of the people of our town. Grow up, realize there is no evil plot bubbled around East Hampton, and put all that energy on recovering from this hard time and instead trying to ruin the reputation of hard working people and the town as a whole. Seriously, look around and see the tragedies. This is so small. Nothing was stolen, nothing was ill intended Get over it and move on. " May 28, 09 4:22 PM

My defense is not that of his parents. I KNOW TED HULTS. You obviously don't. I WORKED WITH Ted Hults. You didn't. You don't know him. You only know what you have read about him. There's a big difference there. If you Knew Ted Hults, you would clearly understand that Ted would not have committed any crime. The fact that the DA is investigating is not a suprise, nor is it an indication of a crime. Obviously you are not clear on the situation at hand. They MUST investigate when requested, be it by unhappy taxpayers or by tabloid reporters who present half-truths. In the end, you will find out thatTed is as honest as they come. He was raised that way - that is my point. He is that way. You shouldn't judge based on innuendo and investigation. You should judge on facts. Again, if you KNEW Ted, you would know the truth. Stop bashing when you have no facts. It's ignorant." May 29, 09 10:42 AM

Okay, now I know you don't know what you are talking about. A) He wasn't fired from Springs School; and B) there was no "hanky panky." You really are ignorant and just throwing around rumors that are hurtful and lies. You are aweful and now I have to believe in karma." May 29, 09 2:08 PM

Mark, such accusations (if that is your real name). Dominic Annacone and Adele Myers were in together to destroy the fine school that Springs was. Annacone was "interim" and broke laws, Adele Myers was the most unpopular school board president in the school's history who brought the school down, and, Reg Cornelia, who you sound very much like, were right there by her side. The web of tales spun by the three of you to discredit honest people continues, as I see. Yes, I know Ted Hults. He didn't even have a district credit card. Perhaps a little fact checking is in order? Either you are in with this group or extremely gullible. Do you read the Enquirer as well?" May 29, 09 8:10 PM

50 years, huh? That would put him in his 80's. A crook, no, dishonest and unlawful, yes. You are part of that pack that wanted to wreck the school. That much is obvious, so this conversation is useless." Jun 1, 09 11:44 AM

Hults faces felony charges; probe's focus turns to supervisor's office

This is such a sad day. Again, Ted is an honest, hard working person who obviously and clearly got pulled into something. Ted would NEVER, and I repeat NEVER commit a crime knowingly. Anyone who knows Ted would clearly know this to be true. He's as honest as they come. To see this picture on the front of the paper is a sad day. I have a feeling he is the "fall guy" for this event. Ted, you have a lot of support and people who are rallying for you. Just remember that. What bothers me is that there is a group of people who are happy about this. Why? Are you so miserable in your life that you need to bring a great guy down? Again, Ted didn't steal. He didn't cheat. What he did was try to keep the employees paid. End of story. If there is anyone who would NOT do anything for politics, it's Ted. There is more to be told here. Let him have his day. " Jun 12, 09 8:08 AM

Gabrielle, were you in on those conversations? I am part of this town and I am not happy. What is sad is that you want to see our town brought to such a low level. You say Ted "absolutely" committed a crime "knowingly." That's pretty strong words coming from someone who, like everyone, has only read what the media has advised. And please, don't infer your thoughts across the whole town, as there are a lot of people who are very sad for Ted - again, those who actually know him, which you obviously do not. Sorry you are so bitter. " Jun 12, 09 10:44 AM

Gabrielle, I have no trouble saying whom I am. My name is Ann Walsh. I used to work with Ted at Springs School and have known him for over 17 years now. Just because people use a name on blogs, doesn't mean they don't want to reveal themselves. I am Ann, I know Ted and Ted is not a criminal. I say that openly and honestly. You claim the "group" that is happy for this is the entire town of EH. Well, I'm not happy and I know an awful lot of people who are not happy. You know why? A decent guy who is honest has just been arrested. The town has been focused on something for so long because of Rick Murphy and his lackeys. Nobody stole anything. Ted received no personal gain. Everyone makes mistakes, for whatever reason, but I can assure you that he had no bad intentions. He is a born/raised Bonacker through and through and EH is more important to him than a lot of people.

" Jun 12, 09 11:09 PM

I'm not hiding. Dr. Dominic Annacone hid behind his illegal activity (yes, giving out junior high school grades BY NAME, by SCORE and indicating whether a child was special ed or not was ILLEGAL under New York State Law- if you were a parent, would you want that information freely floating around?) by removing those who knew of such activity. Peter Lisi wasn't fired - he resigned. It's on record. I resigned at an executive session - notably by force of Dr. Annacone who was not happy with the fact that he bypassed me, the Records Information Officer, and gave out the information via Adele Myers to a community member - if you will recall, the next day about 150 parents and children protested on my behalf -oh wait, you have selective memory too! This is also on record - all of these resignations are. Ted Hults was not fired either - he resigned. So, perhaps instead of reading misquotes from the Independent and the lowlifes behind these quotes with their own private agendas, you should get your facts straight first. By the way, my current legal name is Ann Walsh, and that is what I go by. People who know me know my maiden name. So to insinuate that I am hiding is again a showing of your curious ignorance. I still stand fully behind Ted Hults. I have moved on from the feelings towards the low-lifes known as Dr. Annacone, Adele MacMillan-Meyers, Reginald Cornelia and their other cohorts who tried to destroy an excellent school. Oh, be it known that Peter Lisi went on to being Superintendent of the Chappaqua School District for many years, where he retired at the sadness of the community at large. So, he must have been doing something right. Ignorant people make me very angry. People like you make be wonder if you are conneccted wih the Indenpendent - and by the way, you are quite manipulative yourself." Jun 16, 09 1:14 PM

By the way, bayview, you seem to hide even more - under a fake ID name. So, come forward and identify yourself and yourmany years of experience in education. Are you Dr. Annacone, a/k/a bayview? Your quote from one of your very many postings below:

"Having had many years of experience in education, I believe and agree with hamptonite."" Jun 16, 09 1:15 PM

Not true at all Blue Sky ("whoever you are") You seem to go by many names. By the way, how do you personally know whether Dr. Annacone blogs or not? And absolutely untrue statements indeed. Also, I do know Ed and I stand by him. As far as all doey eyed, that's a good one! Hmmm. However, I never have had interest in married men - it goes against my religious beliefs. So I take that as a true insult in so many ways.

Also, have you ever considered whether your "friend" Dr. Annacone is double-dipping? Collecting NY State retirement while also collecting a salary from Wainscott? Now that would be interesting to know the FACTS about indeed." Jun 22, 09 12:51 PM

Embattled town official puts house on the market

Blue Sky, you just shouldn't bother! His father was a Town Justice; he never worked for the school. You really should do some fact-checking. Besides, hew as well-respected and not a bumb, like YOU. You are horrible." Jul 20, 09 3:29 PM

Ted is the best! He is being hung out to dry. Ted is an honorable man who doesn't deserve any of this. He never stole, he did what he thought was best for the town. He's lived here his entire life and everyone who knows Ted needs no further explanation. Good luck next week Ted. My thoughts and prayers are with you and let's hope justice does prevail and you are set free.

Ann" Jul 23, 09 3:32 PM

Report says anti-immigrant atmosphere in Suffolk County fuels violence

If anyone is to be offended, it should be the group that continues to break the law. Illegal is just that - breaking the law. Not carrying insurance is illegal. Working under the table and not paying taxes is illegal. And English is not officially our language - that needs to be changed. Failure to learn the language, failure to respect the country, and failure to follow the laws is what boils people who are doing everything by the book. Using our emergency room as a doctors office makes us boil. Failing to pay taxes makes us boil. Crowding our schools that we pay taxes to run makes us boil. To me, it's a no brainer. Legal all the way or bye bye!" Sep 22, 09 7:54 PM

East Hampton Town Board candidate Theresa Quigley (R,C,I)

She is very out of touch. She runs her campaign on two fronts - a) she's an attorney and b) she's a wife and mother. I'm sorry, but that isn't enough. I agree - affordable housing is not a trailer park. That' is not a solution, as the park is old and small. There are families in need of housing.

Also, she wants to change downtown - "smart growth" as she calls it. It is vibrant already and quant and has already changed too much. Apartments in downtown? How does she propose people afford those, or are they only for the rich? As it is nobody can afford storefronts unless they are a conglomerate, and I don't think Theresa Quigly has the legal right (nor does the town) to dictate to building owners that they create rental apartments - and ones that are affordable!

We need someone with more experience and who just doesn't keep tooting her own horn. " Nov 2, 09 6:11 PM

East Hampton Town Board candidate John Whelan (D,WF,CG)

Very honest man; local with lots of knowledge on the workings of the town. I also like the 10 percent cut on budgets. What I think would be truly valuable is the employees contributing towards health care, just like the millions of other American workers. Nobody gets a free ride any more! In times like this, especially, there should be some contribution towards premium." Nov 2, 09 6:13 PM

East Hampton Town Justice incumbent Catherine Cahill (D,WF,CG)

Cathy has been a great part of the legal system in East Hampton. She is a fair judge, very forthright and honest. I hope the court is lucky enough to have her continue in her role.

Mr. Hammer wants to make the courts like a New York City system with metal detectors - not necessary right now in the East End - there is a police officer on duty already. Also, there are budget constraints right now and the cost would be a lot. Love the fact that he wants to reach out to the Spanish speaking community - okay, that's an obvious ploy to get votes! " Nov 2, 09 6:15 PM

Shinnecocks are looking at benefits that come with federal recognition

But that was their ancesters, hundreds of years ago - if you did DNA you would find that very few have much "native" blood in them. How long should this free ride go on? They didn't suffer, their long lost relatives did. And, there are many others who suffered as well. This whole reservation crap should be abolished. If they would just make their land part of the system, pay taxes like everyone else, and not have to live in a bubble of very old history, then they would be able to get mortgages like everyone else and have their road plowed. Everyone has to make choices in life - everyone. If things are so bad on the reservation, perhaps their first chioce should have been to become taxpayers and receive benefits instead of hiding behind history books. Oh, but yes, there is a greed involved - human nature - they want their casino share! Ahh - the truth at hand. It's not about how anyone was treated, but more of how can we rape society to the fullest extent. " Dec 24, 09 10:13 AM

Perhaps if the population just became humans/Americans/Citizens, there would be no stereotyping. It's the "members of the tribe" who CHOOSE to diferentiate themselves constantly by throwing around events from hundreds of years past. How sad that they cannot just move into the future unless there is a financial stipend attached. Sorry, but the US Government does not owe these ancestors (loose term) anything, and neither does the rest of the American population. It's time to move on and just be as one. The past is the past is the past - and a very long ago past at that. " Dec 24, 09 10:17 AM

An insider's peek at Sandcastle

This is a gorgeous home. It's huge, it's over the top, but it is so tastefully done. People shouldn't be jealous. Hey, I can't even afford to replace my car right now. We all make choices. This man has made his and he made very good ones, and now he can enjoy the benefits. Joe, enjoy it. :-) It's beautiful." May 27, 10 10:55 AM