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UPDATE: Southampton Village And Town Police Work Together On Traffic Signal Modifications

traffic management gets a F . Still backed up tell USGA to forgot the next one" Jun 11, 18 6:53 PM

It was huge delays on the evening commute. Traffic control gets a F again. These delays are causing huge costs in local business and employers and personnel not getting to work and home again. This is only seems to benefit the USGA. Maybe a few lawsuits will make it improve." Jun 12, 18 6:53 AM

Wait to they put the ambulance barn on Windmill lane. The first road to lock up." Jun 12, 18 9:54 AM

Locals Offer Mixed Reviews Of Golf Championship's Effects

the Traffic management was horrible. shows us all that need to reconsider all such events including a major hospital at the college. We have two ways in and out. If any emergency evacuation was needed it could not happen with the current roads." Jun 20, 18 9:04 PM

Section Of Main Street To Temporarily Close For SouthamptonFest 2018

why would you close Main Street when you have Agwam park ?.??" Sep 28, 18 6:20 PM

Southampton School District Office Advisory Committee Recommends Temporary Replacement For District Office

on Majors Path the school district owns the old nursery school and at least seven acres of land Athens old Junkyard. Use that and put a bus garage and new school on same property’s " Nov 4, 18 7:30 PM

Stony Brook Southampton Hospital In Final Steps To Launch Fundraiser For New Location

Wrong place! college should remain as a college. besides traffic issues,even with a sewage treatment plant it does not work in this location. If someone tried to build a golf course they would be ripped apart. Mention grants and free land it all changes. We have less and less year round people living over the canal. All employees will be commuting. Wrong place only two entrances from west!

" Nov 21, 18 6:44 PM

Some Concern About Low Turnout For Town-Run Septic Rebates In Southampton And East Hampton

Cpf money was to preserve land not sewage ,marinas, golf courses. no more land to buy just another tax. Time ot rein it in," Nov 29, 18 11:28 AM

Sixty-Unit Workforce Housing Complex Being Considered On County Road 39 In Southampton

Leave it 1/2 acre and give people the opportunity to buy homes also No exit on 39 entrance only." Feb 9, 19 7:51 AM

Southampton Village Mayor Hopes To Put Sewers Back On The Table For Discussion

70% non resident population, shuttered stores, restrictive zoning .slow,real estate market, overpopulation of deer and ticks and now looking to spend tax dollars on a sewer system that will take 5 to 7 years of disruption to input and increase taxes and cost. I think not !" Feb 14, 19 2:11 PM

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