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Board rescinds motion but still targeting Westhampton Beach Village police chief

As to the police coverage in WHB village, there is certainly more clumping of the police cars since the rank and file answer to the board and not the chief. Perhaps the lack of coverage for the Post Stop incident had to do with the cop's schedule devised by the board against the wishes of the chief.

The updated story notes that other East End chiefs have similar salaries. The 7.9% talked about at the public meeting was not a yearly compounded increase, but rather an executive bonus, given year to year, not added on to the base each year.

Ray Dean was able to get the police out and patroling the village, with real accountability. While it may have been a lifestyle change, some of the cops liked it. Notice how we see two cars parked together around the Village now - that was not as evident before the schedule change and the board of trustees playing police chief. " Jun 9, 09 9:23 PM

UPDATE: Elizabeth Lindtvit To Replace Rebecca Molinaro

Former Clerk Ms McGinnis made a similar payroll overpayment error in 2010 - 2011 fiscal year. According to the Clerk's own letter to the contractual employees, the error was discovered by the Village's auditors, not by the clerk or the trustees. The overpayment to all contractual employees was corrected by deducting from our 2011 paychecks.

How is it Mr Tucker has omitted mentioning the former clerk's error, which occurred while Mr Tucker was a trustee and further, the trustees allowed the error to be corrected without public disclosure or discussion of the overpayment. " Apr 25, 13 2:42 PM

Westhampton Developer Repeats Request For Hearing On Supermarket Proposal

Renovation and expansion is not only possible, it was approved by the Vilage and permits issued. A full plan with expansion into the old National store was approved four or five years ago. The work actually started for a short period and then the Waldbaum's corporate issues brought construction to a halt. This store needs an huge upgrade and it could be done if the parent company could get their act together. Their lack of action is going to doom the current outdated and run down facility. " Jun 3, 13 11:16 AM

Rumba Rum Bus Tips Over Following Crash Sunday Night

Perhaps if Rhumba adhered to their site plan they would not need a bus that parks all over the road to load and unload. Why does the town allow them to overload the building far beyond the approved site plan limit. The operation far exceeds the parking on the site which is why they need a bus and a boat to bring people to the restaurant. Where does the town code allow for increased capacity from off site parking located blocks away?

Why have a planning board if the board's limitations, which are rational and based on parking, sewer flow, neighborhood conditions, traffic constraints, town zoning law and other factors not being enforced? I guess all the restaurant owners wish they had appeared in the Supervisor's political video last time she ran so they could ignore the Town's land use regulations. " Jun 24, 13 8:17 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Could Withdraw Police Commissioner Idea

The idea of an executive session for this discussion is as wrong as the idea of a Police Commissioner itself. The mayor and trustee Palmer will try to re spin this bad idea in their private executive session. Too bad for them the public is on to this waste of time an money.

" Feb 6, 15 8:35 AM

Hampton Bays Man Comes Forward In Montauk Boat Hit-And-Run

Boat brand is Sea Swirl Striper, not Swiper. " Sep 23, 15 9:03 AM

Westhampton Beach Farmers Market Will Have New Home This Year

The intersection of Mill Rd, Main St, Beach Rd, Beach Lane and Library Ave is probably the most confusing and heavily used in the Village, especially on Saturday mornings in the summer. The Chase bank ATM seems to always have three or four cars on Mill Rd.at that time. The intersection of Mill and Main is at an odd angle and Library Ave is heavily used during that time of the day. Beach Rd carries a lot of traffic from Montauk Hwy to Rogers Beach at these hours on a Saturday and the cars all have to cross Main St. Then you have the US Post office with a constant stream of people coming and going on Saturday morning and to top it off Rite Aid has a large amount of in and out traffic on the Main Street side on Saturday mornings.

What will happen to the art show and craft show events which are held during the summer on the Village Green? Have the trustees observed the Beach Rd traffic blocked off by the load in for these events on Saturday morning? Now you are going to have that condition every summer Saturday morning.

The previous entrance further North on Mill Rd was a straight road with no major nearby intersection. The only benefit of this proposed move is the opening up of the parking lot on Mill, but the stream of pedestrian traffic which will have to cross Mill will still be an impediment to the auto traffic on Mill Rd and the Main St intersection. Perhaps a removable cross walk designation would possible serve as an assist to the traffic officer at the present location.

I think the proposed new location will replace one problem with a far more serious and hard to control pedestrian and auto issue.

" Apr 14, 18 2:52 PM