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Quigley Pitches Plan To Combine ARB And Planning Board In East Hampton

" Dec 5, 12 4:55 PM

Bankrupt Sag Harbor Condo Project Will Be Revived

So they're going to take-off and destroy perfectly good, almost-new siding and trim? What a waste." Jan 31, 13 1:19 PM

Southampton Village Board Proposes Height Restrictions For Homes Based On Lot Size

I propose that all board members making this decision should have to submit the heights and lot sizes of their own homes for public scrutiny/comparison.

Also, what about the FEMA flood elevations? Any intelligent height restriction should include some formula for accommodating these, otherwise some of the most expensive properties in the entire country will be limited to one-story construction...

" Jun 12, 15 11:26 AM

Southampton Village To Hold Public Hearing On First Law Resulting From Moratorium On Height Restrictions

Please clarify - is this restriction in no way related to actual existing grade?

Also not sure what is meant by "FEMA determined ground level". Is this the Base Flood Elevation (BFE), the Design Flood Elevation(DFE = BFE + Freeboard), the permitted finished first floor level, or sea level?" Jul 10, 15 4:35 PM

Sag Harbor Village Residents Question Legality Of Moratorium

All the people involved in drafting the new laws should have to publicly publish the data for their own homes, so it can be seen whether or not their existing homes comply with the new laws, or whether they're making it so that others can't have what they do." Jan 13, 16 1:43 PM

East Hampton Town Will Shrink Houses And Basements

Every individual with a hand in the drafting of this legislation should have to publically publish the square footage of their own house in relation to the proposed allowable GFA. Let's see if what's good for the goose is good for the gander." Aug 3, 16 8:56 AM

Architecture: Checking In With Paul Goldberger

" let the old be what it is, let the new be what it is, and let them cohabitate”

AMEN! " Oct 12, 16 1:19 PM