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7 Comments by William Haley

Application for 29-lot subdivision in East Quogue is withdrawn

Wayne Steck is paying $400,000.00 a year in taxes and Mr. Steck has to ask permission to plant corn on his property? Who, aside from Al Algieri (president of the East Quogue Civic Association) is gleeful about this implementation of fascism in our community?" Jun 10, 09 8:02 PM

$400,000.00 a year in tax burden does not reflect clearing restrictions on Wayne Steck's private property. You (and Al Algieri, president of the East Quogue Civic Association) should lead by example, darwin. Donate your property to the town. You will receive a tax break and (better yet) praise from me." Jun 11, 09 3:11 PM

A handful of people spoke out against my local wetlands application for a single family residence: Maura Sullivan, Michael Tessitore, Denise Erwin (immediate neighbors), Al Algieri (president of the East Quogue Civic Association), Martin Shea (Chief Environmental Analyst) and Daphne Vaughn (Environmental Analyst). If you feel that I do not deserve the right to build a modest home on my R-40 zoned property, kindly emulate their courage and post your real name, PrivateerMatt." Jun 11, 09 4:56 PM

At the risk of quibbling, the pine trees found on Long Island are not unique if they are also growing in New Jersey and Cape Cod. More to the point, once you take private property off the tax roll the remaining private property owners are required to make up the difference. My taxes have already skyrocketed this year (from $6.90 to $150.16) so you'll have to step up to the plate if you want to preserve the pine barrens, Bill. I'm tapped out." Jun 12, 09 3:09 PM

No offense taken, PrivateerMatt. You can ask Caroline Simson to write an article about potential seepage from the septic system on my property however the Town of Southampton and the East Quogue Civic Association would be better served if that can of worms is left unopened. Everyone who is familiar with SEQR Type II actions know that the construction of a single family residence and its septic system possess insignificant impacts which can easily be mitigated." Jun 13, 09 4:06 PM

Hults's confessions appear to implicate McGintee

I never gave much consideration to the Community Preservation Fund either way, Phanex, at least not until I found out (the hard way) that Southampton Town targeted my property and my grandfather's for open space preservation. Now I'm compelled to agree with you. The sooner CPF is abolished the better." Jun 14, 09 3:58 PM

Supervisor proposes $1 million in budget cuts

The town needs money. I need a home. If the town allows me to build a small single family residence on my R-40 property (***outside the wetlands***) they can increase my $6.90 property tax to at least $5,000.00. Reasonable people can agree that this is a win-win proposition for everyone." Jun 24, 09 7:04 PM