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Casino Development Company Cuts Off Payments To Shinnecock Tribe

The 5 "Black Ops" individuals were overwhelmingly removed twice by 85% and then by 95% of the voting members of the Nation! " Jan 30, 13 11:15 PM

The voting membership is the ultimate governing authority of the Nation! The BIA and the media must respect the Nation's own resolution of a dispute which was done in a valid tribal forum. It is ironic that Lance Gumbs who was a strong proponent of Shinnecock sovereignty is now expecting "Big Bro" to interfere with the internal governance of the Nation. It is our prayer that he will self regulate and come back to his senses. THE HAND OF THE LORD BE UPON HIM." Jan 30, 13 11:53 PM

Shinnecock has handled the difficult situation! Let me reiterate for you; the "puppet sachems" set up by outside entities who thought they could capitalize on our sovereignty and tax exempt status have been REMOVED! PERIOD!!! Shinnecock collectively determines the use of our land! Our land means more to us than you could ever conceive! We will not pimp her to the highest bidder! So Fall back!" Feb 1, 13 3:15 AM

What is really sad is how some tribal members feel that the majority of us has been manipulated by the developer when in actuality the 5 "Black Op Puppet sachems" who got paid up front are the ones being manipulated! They got in bed with wrong people and thought they would high jack the Nation to pay off their debt! Our ancestors are Real Proud that we continue to be good stewards of all the Creator has blessed us with and guess what? He will never allow us to be deceived! We are.who we WERE! Our ancestors are cheering us on right now encouraging us to continue to move together in one accord to preserve all that is significant about Shinnecock for all the generations to come!" Feb 1, 13 3:39 AM

95% of the Nation were not misled! The five were not authorized by the Nation to spend millions to pursue an IDEA! If no deal exist why respond to the Nation for your actions through the media rather face us? Why do they consistently keep trying to get into the Nation's bank accounts?Shinnecock entered in a contractual agreement with the developer we honor our commitment. it is not OK to take their money and crack another back door that the Nation has to repay," Feb 2, 13 8:05 AM