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Legendary fishermen will be honored

It is so nice to see these old names of friends and guys I have fished with and along side of for a very good part of my life . When I read through this artical of legendary fisherman it brought back so many memories . Carl it is really nice of you to work so hard to put this together because these guys really did put Montauk on the map. Now at 67 years old when most people had base ball, football , hockyplayers as Idles I grew up with these guys as my Idles. GOOD JOB PS Don't forget Walter Habb and the Sea-Con He was an American Idle Fisherman" Jun 13, 09 10:30 AM

When getting into hot water is a good thing

Setting here retired in Stuart Florida its so nice to see people enjoying their new spa I was the one that first started the whole spa business on long Island in 1978 with a small company called AJ Spa which is still in business in Patchogue on Rt 112. built my first Hot tub out of a upside down pilot house from a Steiger Craft clam boat and put in redwood seats and jets the rest is History. I am also very happy to see Linda is still out their selling spas. I put the very first in their showroom meant years ago. nice going Linda" Jun 17, 09 7:03 PM

Reprieve on bluefins

But everyone is forgetting the Jap longlingers That fish the grand banks like they did this past summer and Fall taking all the bluefins they want and they do not keep the swordfish they kill and no one seems to care about that I was their last fall season saw it with my own eyes. The fish came back and the Japs where their!!!! They follow the Bluefin where ever they go! You better believe it!!" Mar 25, 10 5:41 PM

Whale killed with bullet; experts defend how beaching was handled

I still believe you should always try to save first! We did save a Right Whale all the way back in 1981 I Have the video to prove it! Big Thanks to Sam and Jill I will never forget!" Apr 9, 10 9:51 PM

Sorry the whale we saved was a Sperm Whale the only one ever held in captivity and releised was also in the surf. " Apr 13, 10 10:53 PM

e-mail me at ajaqua@bellsouth.net Thanks " Apr 14, 10 5:55 PM

Plane overshoots runway at Montauk Airport

I can only say I flew out of Montauk for many years sometimes on a daily basis as a pilot with that size runway you just no what to do. Thats what you train for. The airport does not have Issues but I think some of the pilots might. You have to touch down where you should and theirs planty of room the stop." Aug 30, 10 9:34 PM