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Hampton Bays Residents Sue To Stop Shinnecock Canal Projects

Who would raise a billion in community preservation funds, then allow developers to build all these new high density housing projects that have never been a part of the East End's landscape? Pond Crossing is an abomination, and the number of these high density projects is ever-growing. They only benefit the developers and leave the residents to deal with the increased traffic, congestion and over-crowding that is becoming the new hallmark of our communities. " May 14, 15 1:36 PM

"I am so tired of looking at the CPI every morning driving to work, it looks like SH*@T!"
"The decision should be made on cleaning up the blight in our community."
The Rechlers are responsible for letting these properties become "blights".
A conscientious owner wouldn't have let it come to this, simply a ploy to get residents to back their plans. If this is how they maintain their properties, i really don't want them anywhere in HB. " May 16, 15 7:57 AM

"High density on the canal, a sewage treatment plant off site, less public access to the canal frontage. Only someone making money from this , or someone from up the Island who doesn't know better could be in favor of condos here."
I second this, completely and utterly profit driven, cons far outweigh the pros. High Density housing has NO place on the East End; unless your goal is to have the population density of NYC... " May 16, 15 8:07 AM

UPDATE: DA Will Not Appeal Dropped Felony Charge Against Driver Involved In Fatal Crash

'he allegedly strayed from his lane while texting and driving, causing a head-on collision"
" still facing a charge of misdemeanor reckless driving and was also ticketed for using a portable electronic device while driving, a violation, for causing the January 2014 accident"
Let's hope he receives the justice he is due. From the violations issued, it appears he was entirely at fault. That is not an accident, that is criminal. and Mr. Pepe should be held fully accountable for his reckless driving; whether intended or not, the result was death and he needs to be held accountable. " Sep 3, 15 8:01 AM