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Westhampton Beach Police Investigate Alleged Teacher Misconduct

Adding to problems of finding out via the students and the rumors- this teach is a sports coach and alumni of the district- will they - the old timers- be protecting him? How about letting WHB Police handling case- same concern. What experience do they have with these alledged incidents? Can Suffolk or Southampton sex crime units be brought in to assist? This is a serious allegation that could ruin a persons career and reputation. Professional experience in these cases is essential. Also what is the School protocol on male teachers in the girls lockor room? Not to mention have a phone recording device alledgely on their possession? " Mar 5, 13 5:03 PM

"No ramifications for the accusers"? "baseless"? I give a lot of credit for the young girls who had the GUTS to report something they saw. You got some nerve tee2sea" Mar 5, 13 6:22 PM