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Westhampton Beach Police Investigate Alleged Teacher Misconduct

Hey chef1 not only is it bad on his rep. but also alot of kids look up to him and always that he was a great guy and now by doing this is it not only wrong but also he's teaching the kids something that should never be learned. You think its bad on his rep. well what about all the girls who never knew these where being taken of them they thought the where safe a protected and they thought they had privacy and when they found out about this they felt violated of there privacy and of the body who i bet they don't want an older man let alone there teacher. I use to go to this school and for the 3 years i felt weird about this school like there was something fishy going on AND YET THERE WAS! This man had no way in any right to do this i know if it was me in that locker room i would never forget it and always regret it, not only is he seeing something he can never forget he is also doing something to those girls that they will never forget and he also could have ruined there rep. and there lives. Do you think he thought about what could happen in the long run or what could happen to those girls, no he was only thinking about him self. I know a ton of girls from that school who probably want to kill him right now, 'cause he did something he can never undo. Nuff said. " Mar 7, 13 12:29 PM

'let alone there teacher *seeing*'" Mar 7, 13 12:31 PM