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Princess Diner Workers Were Sexually Harassed, Threatened With Deportation, Advocacy Group Says

http://www.nycourts.gov/reporter/3dseries/2013/2013_05048.htm" Sep 29, 17 5:38 AM

Guldi Accepts Plea Deal, Will Be Sentenced To Time Served

Kate, please re-read my emailed report of this proceeding. Guldi pled guilty ONLY to the first count of Grand Larceny, 2nd degree. The second count of Insurance Fraud, was dismissed in satisfaction. Please correct your statement "Terri Scofield, ex-fiancee of Mr. Guldi, who was in attendance at the court appearance, added that Mr. Guldi also offered an allocution to the crime, a spoken acknowledgment of the insurance fraud he committed to be entered into the court’s records". Guldi's allocution was ONLY to Grand Larceny 2nd.
Also, as noted in my emailed report to you, Judge Cohen scheduled December 13th, 14th and 15th for the restitution hearing he ordered, so it is unlikely that "... At a December 13 court appearance, the judge will decide how much of the sum Mr. Guldi will be responsible for reimbursing." as you wrote.
Terri Scofield" Dec 1, 17 11:01 AM

It's actually not over by a long shot; there's a sound file out there that could do Guldi and his bookkeeper a lot of damage." Dec 2, 17 7:24 AM

Parents React To Southampton High School Proposed Curriculum Changes

You should also take a look at vendors contracts. Typically, the fat in any school budget is found in administration and vendor contracts. Unfortunately, folks have been brainwashed into attacking teachers instead." Jan 25, 18 1:55 PM

It doesn't make sense to me to lump the average and advanced students together. Depriving 9th graders of the ability to access AP courses is particularly reprehensible. Most AP kids are focused much earlier than the 9th grade and preventing them access to programs they want can only discourage and dispirit them." Jan 25, 18 1:58 PM

Southampton School Officials Nix Columbus Day In Favor Of Indigenous Peoples' Day On School Calendars

I am Italian, but horrified and ashamed of Columbus's terrorism and destruction of indigenous people and their culture. I am heartened by the correction to the school calendar and hope it is a step toward teaching actual history instead of the white, patriarchal lies shoved into my brain during my "very fine" public education in the Commack and Three Village School districts in the 1960's and '70's." Feb 15, 18 4:24 PM

Six Democrats Campaign For Chance To Challenge U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin In November

If I still believed in electoral politics, I'd choose Vivian Viloria-Fisher. "The system's not broken - it's FIXED"" Feb 23, 18 7:19 AM

Princess Diner Owner, Manager Plead Guilty To Stealing Wages From Workers

Glad you're getting your back pay J9shep and hope accrued interest is added. So sorry this happened to you." Mar 15, 18 3:30 PM

Vacant Coast Guard Homes Expected To Be Auctioned Off This Summer; Neighbors Concerned About Future Of Neighborhood

With all the people struggling to pay bills in Suffolk County you think the county would make an agreement with the GSA and offer those houses as low and moderate-income housing. But no, they'd rather fleece taxpayers by paying poverty pimps $4,500 to $6,800 a month 2/2 people in crack houses, roach and rat infested motels." May 31, 18 7:04 PM

Southampton Supervisor Puts Focus On Parking Concerns For Sagg Main Beach Drumming Circle

It seems the Southampton Town Police are taking a hard stance in order to facilitate easy, lazy Revenue by targeting decent Folk who add to the charm and value of the tourist trade with the weekly drumming. One would think that such a benign activity that enhances the quality of life for residents and tourists alike wood result in a loosening of enforcement rather than a mean-spirited cranking up in Pursuit Of The Almighty dollar." Aug 3, 18 7:43 AM

Lifeguards Make A Save In Southampton Village

Good job and many thanks to these lifeguards. As a 59 year old with chronic health problems it's important 2 consult with the lifeguards before entering the water even if you have checked the surf report before heading to the beach. They will let you know of dangerous conditions and you can adjust where you enter the water keep yourself within the protected area while you're playing. For instance if they tell me there's a moderate east2west rip, I'll enter the water at the extreme East portion of the protected area and start for sure so that I am out of the water still in the protected area, then walk East and do it all over again. Have a healthy respect for the sea and you can have fun in a safe Manor." Aug 3, 18 7:51 AM

Southampton Trustees Look To Close Duck Blind Loophole That Favors Homeowners

As a paralegal specializing in administrative law, the byzantine water rights of western US states got nothing on Long Island, LOL!" Sep 20, 18 11:48 AM

Turtle , even young duck hunters are taught to track & finish their shot if their dog doesn't retrieve it. I'd bet it's casual weekenders or summer folk leaving wounded ducks about." Sep 20, 18 11:55 AM

Community Members Urge Southampton Town To Consider Legislation Limiting Local Police From Communicating With ICE, Honoring Warrants

Saddened and sickened to see so many racist, anti-immigrant comments here." Sep 27, 18 11:46 AM

A Long Effort To Keep Montauk's Lighthouse From Tumbling To The Sea

Hmmm... Of course, I want to see the lighthouse preserved. But the surfers seem to have a valid concern. 15 ton boulders may, indeed change the way the waves and waters break and roll, which would be devastating for surfers. Hope all parties can work this out to mutual satisfaction." Oct 25, 18 4:06 PM

Scallop Season Opens In Many Local Waters

As if election results aren't depressing enough, today we learn of a poor scallop season opening day. Treating ourselves to a local delicacy will be even more expensive." Nov 7, 18 7:59 AM

Zeldin Wins Election To Third Term, But Democrats See Other Victories

Baffled again by the collective Stockholm Syndrome afflicting voters in the 1st CD, who consistently vote against their own self interest.
It is inexplicable to me that seemingly educated voters are so easily manipulated to vote for classism, racism, misogyny and blatant fascism.
Less than 24 hours after the mid-term elections, we experience yet another act of domestic terrorism by yet another angry white male mass shooter; a vet apparently suffering PTSD.
Today we have a heavily edited video from the White House attempting to convince us that a reporter banned from White House press briefings "assaulted" the young intern who was, in fact, assaulting him.
I fear this slide down the rabbit hole will not end well.
" Nov 8, 18 1:05 PM

Schneiderman Still Not Ready To Concede Comptroller Race Until All Absentee Ballots Are Counted

Oh for God's sake, don't misconstrue every criticism or stream of vitriol as a "death threat". For many of us, the "choice" between $hillary and the Orange one was like asking if we prefer butt rape by power drill or hot poker. Democrats & Republicans are merely two wings of the same vulture. Each & both owned by Wall St., Banksters, Big Oil, Big Insurance, Big Pharma, the Prison Industrial Complex & the Military Industrial Complex. We've become a nation of sheeple collectively afflicted with Stockholm Syndrome." Nov 15, 18 11:44 AM

Peconic Bay Medical Center Opens New Caregivers Center In Riverhead

Based on the filth, dangerous incompetence and negligence of PBMC's ER and ER staff, I would not entrust a loved one to their care.
A friends elderly mother rehabbed from surgery in their Nursing Home attached to the hospital and suffered gross negligence and incompetence repeatedly. Both my friend and her sister caught the staff in outright lies several times and ultimately removed their mother from Peconic Bay Medical Hospital care so she could be properly cared for in a safe, clean and competent environment." Nov 29, 18 1:48 PM

More Resources Are Needed To Mitigate East End’s Enduring Tick Problem

Quite disturbing that Stony Brook continues to seek and accept money from Big Insurance & Big Pharma in exchange for it's institutional participation in the corruption, collusion, racketeering and profiteering around Lyme Disease.
From the TBDWG to local sham "efforts" like Stony Brook's Tick Resource Center, the mis and disinformation spread results in purposeful misdiagnosis, denial and delay of treatment and disability and death.
Former Stony Brook researcher "Dr." Raymond Dattwyler is one of the named defendants in a federal class action RICO lawsuit by chronic Lyme patients that also alleges violations of the Sherman Anti Trust Act. The suit alleges 7 of the Big Insurance conglomerates, the Infectious Disease Society of America and a slew of internationally known academic "experts" conspired to limit treatment (Dearborn 1994) and profited (and continue to profit) from patents on the two failed Lyme vaccines, plus own patents on drugs to treat conditions chronic Lyme patients are commonly misdiagnosed with: MS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, RA, etc...
In addition, the UN's formal inclusion of the United States in it's determination that denial and delay of treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease constitutes Human Rights Abuses spurred the World Health Organization to include more than 15 manifestations of Chronic Lyme Disease in the new ICD-11 codes that take effect January 2019.
"POST TREATMENT LYME DISEASE SYNDROME" IS NOT AMONG CURRENT OR FORMER ICD CODES; it is a made-up phrase trotted out to support the mis and disinformation being spread by academics producing junk science funded by Big Insurance and Big Pharma.
Please Google Torrey v. Infectious Disease Society of America. You can download the initial pleading (Case 5:17-cv-00190-RWS Document 1 Filed 11/10/17 Page 1 of 53 PageID #: 1)
You can follow me on Twitter to keep up with the latest developments, or if you wish to be added on as a co-plaintiff in the class action lawsuit." Dec 13, 18 5:40 PM

Oh, and while I'm at it, we also have Gulf Coast ticks in Suffolk. I pulled one off my dog at Indian Island County park in Riverhead and am still waiting for Cornell to report to me and my Infectious Disease doctor which pathogens it contained. Gulf Coast ticks are known to carry tularemia and brucella." Dec 13, 18 5:43 PM

Officials Relay Concern About Attracting Campers To Camp Hero State Park

The concerns about straining the town police resources are bogus. Campers are - for the most part - mellow outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy nature. We generally rise early and quietly to observe wildlife most active around dawn and dusk. We are very much self-policing around issues of garbage, noise, picking up after pets and impact on natural resources.
Though no one is averse to having a few beers or a couple of glasses of wine around the campfire after dinner, drunkenness and obnoxious behavior is not tolerated.
Many families come with children and/or grandchildren in tow.
In my 50+ years of camping in state parks, I've found rangers to be responsive and effective in responding to any complaints; noise, littering, obnoxious drunks, fireworks. They're pretty well trained in de-escalation while making it clear that unacceptable behavior will get the offender tossed from the park.
Those of us who take mini-vacations or stay-cations locally in our beautiful county, state and federal parks should not be penalized or prevented from enjoying camping at Camp Hero due to the concerns outlined above.
Some of us have been quietly - albeit illegally - camping there for decades with locals and law enforcement none the wiser because we respect the land. Let's open it up so future generations get to know and appreciate the unspoiled beauty of Montauk." Jan 3, 19 1:25 PM

Community Reaches Out To Help Area Coast Guardsmen Affected By Government Shutdown

Good observation. Democrats and Republicans are merely two wings of the same vulture. Each & both beholden to Wall St., Banksters, Big Oil, Big Insurance, Big Pharma, the Military Industrial Complex and the Prison Industrial Complex.
We really need to tear it all down and start over. " Jan 17, 19 1:36 PM

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