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UPDATE: Police Believe Teacher Recorded Students With Cellphone; Released After Posting $25,000 Bail

Alright friends, let's step back for a second. Yes, it's dangerous to make assumptions on either side of the fence here. Remember, these accusations aren't baseless, but unless you have solid evidence, it's difficult to be sure of everything (also remember that all of the info wasn't released yet.) What is more troubling, though, is trying to prove innocence based on character. Look, I am comfortable saying that he is innocent until proven guilty. That's fine. But to prop this up like some weird witch hunt against a lovable and great football coach? That seems pretty silly. Personality proves nothing at all, and to base assumptions off of it is just naive." Mar 20, 13 10:33 PM

Yeah, if only they asked him during his interview if he would ever sneak a camera phone inside of a locker room to record underage girls, he would of told the truth and never got hired.... Those irresponsible administrators!" Mar 20, 13 10:36 PM

I think your claims here are pretty offensive. Look, I'm all for "innocent until proven guilty." That's fine. But your stance seems to be "innocent because.. well, I know him." With the limited information released so far, it's impossible to truly know what happened. Not yet, at least. And great, support your friend in need. If you honestly believe that he didn't do it, let him know, have his back. But what you shouldn't do is publicly condemn a group of teenage (and maybe even pre-teen) girls for being allegedly violated and scarred because of your gut feeling. That's completely irresponsible and kind of gross." Mar 21, 13 12:30 AM

Look, I agree with you Rhonda. Condemnation isn't healthy on either side here until more of the facts come out. But remember, charges were pressed against Sheppard, not the accusers. And these charges weren't entirely baseless. It was after a several week investigation where evidence was collected. People have the right to be both questioning and concerned, especially if they have children who attend WHBMS. But the claim against the accusers are entirely baseless and just irresponsible. There was no official statement that raises any suspicions against these accusations. Again, no one can say for sure. You may know something that we don't. But without backing up these claims, your condemning alleged VICTIMS of a serious and intrusive crime based on the "perceived" innocence of the culprit. There's no excuse for that." Mar 21, 13 11:05 AM