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Guldi is considering another bid for public office

Well this is something you dion't see. Former pol indicted on felony charges, (not a sexual indiscretion) and decides the best course of action is to run for his old seat. Well as one of the people partly responsible for getting George into office in the first place, all I can say is, George was the hardest working, best informed Legislator in the county. Having said that, George what are you thinking? Unless you are aquitted, you don't stand a chance. Something tells me your trial won't happen before election day. Give somebody else a chance. " Jun 29, 09 12:49 PM

Prosecutors charge Guldi with insurance fraud

Gee if these latest charges are true on top of the 110 charges pending. Youd think George would be kicking it somewhere in South America. But then again Bernie Madoff stuck around to get a new home for life. Can't wait to hear what happened to all that money? By the way it is almost impossible for the average citizen with a home and tons of equity to get a loan these days. George whats your secret" Sep 19, 09 12:05 PM