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Trustees Want To Bring Former Westhampton Beach Village Clerk Out Of Retirement

Really? It's a crazy idea to hire a former clerk who was there for 16 years to show the new person how to run the village properly?

Maybe I missed it but I didnt see anything about anyones son being hired either.

Its not the idea from the board that's ridiculous, its the comments bashing it only because of who came up with the idea." Apr 5, 13 6:38 PM

The hiring of her son did not happen in a vacuum. Ms. McGinnis does not have voting power to hire her son. That means that the board voted to hire him. Don't lay this all at Ms. McGinnis's feet.

Besides, has anyone said he was bad at his job? " Apr 7, 13 8:53 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Audit Report Still A Point Of Contention Among Board Members

I'm informed, and I don't consider it a loss. Watching Ms. Molinaro roll her eyes at every board meeting was the height of unprofessionalism. Whether you like the board or not, it was embarrassing." Apr 15, 13 5:30 PM

Locals Show Support At Katy's Courage 5K

Outstanding story" Apr 15, 13 5:33 PM

Two Westhampton Beach Trustees Oppose Rehiring Of Beach Manager

This is outrageous.

Hiring kids off the books is the biggest liability I have ever heard of. What if someone got hurt on the job? That could be a worker's comp nightmare. The village could have faced massive lawsuits that would have cost US millions. And all we get is "don't do it again?". That's just plain stupid.

And giving away beach passes? Our taxes are going up once again. Let's do a little thinking. Those passes are worth 400 or 500 bucks each.

Beach manager gives away 10 or so, thats about 5 grand.
Lets say the mayor does the same, and we lose another 5 grand.

So we would have 10 grand at least more in the village books. Does anyone honestly think it was just 10 stickers?

I'm stunned.

Here's my question: Who is this seasonal employee who was forced out?" Apr 27, 13 4:27 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Audit Report Still A Point Of Contention Among Board Members

Well I'm glad we're not into namecalling.

I don't care what her reasoning. You act like a professional, no matter what your personal beliefs are. Period." Apr 27, 13 4:28 PM

New Village Clerk Appointed In Westhampton Beach; Board Also Hires Former Clerk As Consultant

That's the main kicker, though, Steve. For example, what in the world is going on with the beach? That story left more questions unanswered than answered." May 6, 13 6:47 PM

Junior Guards Descend On Rogers Beach

DownOnTuttle, they need to totally change everything. Kathy gives away passes to friends and hires all relatives. You weren't wrong!

Go back a few months. The mayor canned the other manager when he cried foul. From what I heard, the guy was way more experienced and respected. I switched to Pikes after the kids there made me come back twice to get my sticker this year!!" Aug 16, 13 12:54 AM