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Trustees Want To Bring Former Westhampton Beach Village Clerk Out Of Retirement

the commentary here is so devoid of facts it is laughable...that includes the last sentence of the article itself... "the mistake, which has since been corrected" in the last paragraph of the article itself. What is the source beyond that?" Apr 7, 13 8:37 PM

As far as the meeting goes, are they not waiting on the final auditor's report...Who is claiming the payroll is correct? The Mayor? The Village Clerk? It certainly isn't the auditor yet." Apr 7, 13 9:03 PM

Westhampton Beach Trustees Want To Clarify Code Pertaining To Village Spending

Unfortunately, in regards to Mr. Levy and Mr. Speir mentioned above, they simply are factually incorrect on certain details.

Mr. Levy's assertion that Auditors caught the mistake of the prior Village Clerk is simply incorrect. It was noted in a Audit Report that was prepared by an Auditor, because Yes, a mistake did occur. That being said, It was detected and self-corrected by the previous Village Clerk. That is the fact! Mayor Teller is completely aware of this detail.

Rebecca Molinaro, Mayor Teller, Toni-Jo Birk, Sue Farrell, Hank Tucker, and Pat DiBenedetto were informed of a payroll error the first week of June 2012. It was discovered when Village Clerk Rebecca Molinaro attempted not to pay the prior Village Clerk's son for the last 4 days of the fiscal year as was promised to employees whom experienced a layoff due to budget cuts. The fiscal year for the Village of Westhampton Beach is June 1 - May 31, so for Rebecca Molinaro to claim the fiscal year was completed 4 days prior to May 31st of that year raised red flags.

After simple math was performed by the previous clerk regarding the non-payment for those 4 days, it was quite evident that Rebecca Molinaro had made mistakes in the payroll. This error was pointed out in an email communication to Rebecca Molinaro, Conrad Teller, Toni-Jo Birk, Sue Farrell and Hank Tucker. Incoming Trustee Pat DiBenedetto and Charlie Palmer were also made aware of this error. This all occured immediately at the end of that fiscal year.

Provided with the proper calculations at that time, Rebecca Molinaro disputed the findings instead of simply ackowledging a mistake. It took almost the entire summer before she corrected her mistake regarding the previous Clerk's son. A few months later, she began corrections on the payroll as a whole. 5 months later before acknowledging and taking steps to correct the prior year's payroll, the problem had compounded itself because the current payroll was also being calculated incorrectly.

This issue was front and center thanks to the due diligence of Hank Tucker, Pat DiBenedetto and Charlie Palmer. Meanwhile, Mayor Teller and Rebecca Molinaro were disputing the allegations and stonewalling the entire time. It was that combative behavior that caused further financial investigations to occur.

Upon further investigation, it was learned that payments that were not contractually obligated, payments without any trustees resolutions, and payments to employees whom had no entitlement had all been distributed by the Mayor and Rebecca Molinaro without the knowledge or consent of the Village Board of Trustees. A healthy reminder, 3 village employees lost their job due to "budget cuts" while this clandestine and reckless financial behavior was happening.

I applaude the efforts of these 3 trustees who followed through on their due diligence of these financial matters, all while enduring the endless attacks of Mayor Teller and local bloggers. In the end, the truth shall set you free.

I would like to remind the voters that Toni-Jo Birk was made aware of these problems immediately, as well as the Mayor, and they both chose to ignore the issue and attack the messengers." May 19, 13 1:38 PM